Saturday, November 6, 2010

silent auction Regulars

so last night we went to the gala. JJ in his target suit and me in an adorable dress. it was fun. i met some of his coworkers and there were all these different tables set up where different local restaurants were giving out samples. there was also a silent auction.

i learned something so amazing last night that i could die. there is a SECRET RESTAURANT CLUB IN DISNEYLAND. called club 33. read more about it here. they were auctioning off a night in Club 33 with 7 of your closest friends. the starting bid was $500. so JJ literally had to rip the pen from my death grip to prevent me from writing "$800,000,000,000,000" because that is what i would literally pay to go there. going there is number 1 on my bucket list. it is now my only goal in life. SO SOSOSOSOSOSO COOL I COULD DIE.

so anyway, we were strolling along the silent auction items and we came across The Ultimate Dog Basket. i mean this thing was crazy. it had everything in there that a pooch would ever want in life. for some reason the glitz and the glamour of our fancy gala dinner night got the best of us and JJ said all casually in a debonair voice, "Cleo would love that, let's bid on it." and so i wrote down our names like a rich woman and we bid $170 on a basket of dog items. we coolly walked back to our table before realizing the repercussions of what we had just done. OMFG WE DON'T EVEN HAVE $170 IN OUR CHECKING ACCOUNT!?!?! OMG WHAT IF WE WIN AND HAVE TO PRESENT THE MONEY AND WE CAN'T!?!? OMG WE ARE SOOO EFFING STUPID.

so we hung around The Ultimate Dog Basket like sharks, waiting for someone to outbid us. we waited. and waited. nothing. shit. SHIT. then, finally, FINALLY and old man came by and wrote his name down. i hunched over him, practically resting my chin on his shoulder, trying to make sure he was outbidding us. and he did. phew. safe.

JJ said, "let's never say anything to anyone about this." and i said, "of course. well except i'm going to write a blog about it."

but OMG how STUPID are WE?!?! we just strolled up there, acting like old rich people ready to bid on anything, like we do it all the time, wearing in formal wear from target. we lose.


  1. Silent auctions are kinda lame, unless you're drunk of course, and then it's thrilling because it's better than drunk shopping--it's COMPETITIVE DRUNK SHOPPING!

  2. We just went to a silent auction and I bought a seascape oil painting that is HUGE for the condo made of stono. Dot told me it is probably a "starving artist" painting and I think I agree. It is hideous! But appropos...


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