Tuesday, November 16, 2010

successful day

this morning i gently removed my favorite gold "L" necklace that my Mom got me for my birthday last year and opted for the more professional silver tiffany's heart necklace that JJ got me and slipped into my giant houndstooth pencil skirt. i put on a black cardigan and some gray pumps and pulled my hair back. i gathered my carefully written cover letters and perfected resumes into a bright pink folder and headed out the door.

and i applied for 5 substitute teaching jobs! yay! two of the schools said they "desperately needed subs" so fingers crossed peeps. PLZ I NEED A JOB, LORD KNOWS HELLO KITTY NEEDS SOME CA$H. and i could use a little christmas shopping money. otherwise i'm going to have to resort to half-used macy's giftcards from our wedding. pah-thetic.

so every time i parked my car at each school, panic would overcome me for a moment before i gained full confidence. i'm quite charming, but it's still nerve-racking. all of the schools i applied to were Catholic schools, so the fact that JJ's great-uncle is a bishop of the archdiocese of LA, and the fact that his mom writes for the LA Catholic newspaper makes my reference list look all important and shiz. thrilling!

every time i would walk to each school, i would struggle a little to find the office, but the nice school children would say "lady! the office is that way!" they were friendly and delightful, just the children i would like to substitute teach someday. at one particular school, i opened a brown gate with a gold cross on it, which was what i THOUGHT was the entrance. nope. dumpster. ksdfjkfdsl but really, why go through the trouble of putting a golden cross on the dumpster door?!?!?!

overall, it was a very successful day. so i treated myself to a cheese quesadilla with extra jalepeno sauce and a side of sour cream with a small mountain dew for lunch after i was finished. i parked in the Taco Bell parking lot and listened to my book on CD-rom and enjoyed myself thoroughly before heading home.

now, on tomorrow's schedule: The Rancho Cucamonga Career Fair. which i'm a little skeptical about because i'm like is this a blue collar career fair? like i don't want to drive a forklift or be a janitor. i'd rather be Rob Dyrdek's personal assistant.

but anyway, the point is that i'm feeling highly successful this week because i'm actually doing something besides drinking wine at 3 p.m. with my eyes glued to hulu.com

pat on the back, self.

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