Monday, November 29, 2010


thanksgiving was a blast. JJ and i went to his parents' house to celebrate and believe it or not ol Cleo was a god damn hit! all of the non-dog people were very nice to her, and she got to lick lots of sticky little kid hands, so she was thrilled.

i begged JJ's mom to buy the pumpkin cheesecake from costco, and i continued to eat it for every meal after thanksgiving, SO GOOD OMG.

we also went to Tangled (GREAT MOVIE OMG) and celebrated our niece NJ's bday. 4 years old hoorah. how great is it to be 4? srsly. you get princess costumes and hello kitty purses for your bday. unfair. we are going to disneyland on thursday to continue the celebration as well. I WANNA BE FOURRRRRR. anyway, JJ's mom, JJ's sister E, NJ and i were all laying in bed after her party watching Little Bear when NJ said, "um, excuse me, L, can you please move your belly?" kjasdfjkhsdjaf i guess too much cheesecake? i lose.

on black friday JJ's sisters and mom and i went to a few places to shop and i got a million things for myself and zero christmas gifts.

and last night at 9:02 p.m. which was the start of cyber monday because it was officially 12:02 a.m. east coast time....i bought myself these two things:

ok are you guys not jealous of my purchases??? i went to Burlesque yesterday by myself and ol' Christina wears a dress like this. so i had to copycat her.

so the selfish christmas shopping ended after that. I MEAN IT, L. NO MORE!

on saturday the family went to the USC vs. Notre Dame game. JJ's oldest sister E is a Fightin' Irish alum so the tradition is to set up a tent and sign and tailgate all day before the game. i bought a special shirt to wear to the game this year...

can you see what it says? "Sports Suck." he he heeeeeee obsessed.

Cleo also got to enjoy tailgating:

it was a blast. one minute i was sipping mimosas, and the next i was drinking chardonnay out of the bottle and sneaking my dog into a football game inside of a 1983 Notre Dame jacket that was held together by snaps. i basically just looked like a fat and/or pregnant pedestrian with horrible style. BUT, we succeeded, no one suspected a thing. and OMG i forgot how HUGE the colossuem is. i mean, it's kind of scary. i don't like being in giant crowded areas like that because i'm afraid a terrorist attack will occur and i'll die without writing my book. not a good way to go if you ask me.

successful sneaking of the dog! that is her new red personalized Christmas sweater.

JJ's sister E is like srsly afraid of public restrooms so i happily took NJ potty when she needed to go. and here we are being bored at the game:

hansenz at the game:

it finally started pouring rain and i feared for the suede boots i was wearing. so i whined until JJ agreed to GTFOOT. we drove home, exhausted and went to sleep. phewww.

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