Monday, December 13, 2010

#1 reason

why i wanted to punch JJ on Friday afternoon.

i had just finished taking a nice little poo, when i saw this:

@&#$(*#@UIJESKU*!(_(@!IOJ$O#@%(*$)(&%(#YNRIINSDHA(OIN HR^748389u b7r8^&*YHJEFKS

srsly. SRSLY SERIOUSLY JJ!?!?!?!?!?

and it's not like the toilet paper is within reaching distance. it's in the cupboard above the toilet. so i had to sort of shake my bum as best as i could and turn around and climb onto the toilet (because i can't reach the cupboard standing up) and grab a new roll. it was very inconvenient. and GOOD GOD COULD YOU IMAGINE IF I HAD SLIPPED AND MY FOOT HAD FALLEN INTO MY OWN POO!?!?

so annoying.


  1. This is really probably the worst thing to happen to women ever. I can deal with the seat being left up because that's a quick, non-embarrassing fix. But having to yell to the husband to quickly slip a new roll into the bathroom without looking, smelling or listening simply cannot be done gracefully.

  2. Seat up is definitely worse -- you dash into the b-room (old people do), and sit down on the seat that isn't there.l NOTHING IS WORSE!!!


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