Tuesday, December 21, 2010

$107.90 date night

on friday night JJ and i went out on a date. which is not a very regular occurrence lately since i don't have a job. but we had a coupon. and we went to a LOCAL italian restaurant.

it. was. DELICIOUS.

we had a million slices of warm, fresh TO DIE FOR bread, and got fried mozzarella as an apetizer. then JJ got pesto pasta for his main dish, and i got a glass of wine and a caprese salad MY FAVE. and look what the oil and vinegar made on my plate!!!!!!:

a heart! isn't it the cutest thing ever?

we had such a nice time. and since we had our coupon it was only like $37.00 including tip! great deal.

then this morning i checked our bank account and we have a charge from ANTONINO'S FOR $107.90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COME. ON. so much for that perfect night. if it wasn't like one of three local restaurants i would say NEVER GOIN' BACK THAT'S BULLSHIT, but instead i will just be very annoying on the phone when i complain.

it's a good thing we pay close attention to our bank account online because i bet there are lots of (richer) people who wouldn't notice the discrepancy.

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