Monday, December 13, 2010

bad. dog.

Cleo has been quite a good pup since we moved. and the balcony makes it nice and easy for her to go outside and relieve herself on the artificial grass mat whenever she pleases.

and i take her to the park everyday and let her run off-leash and fancy-free for 20 minutes to let her soak up the joy of being a dog.

and she loves that i am home with her all day, and if i have to leave, she usually gets to come along.

except. this morning, when i was enjoying watching desperate housewives on hulu, i got a waft. an all-too-familiar waft. of dog peeeeeeee. NOOOOO COME ON CLEO!

and sure enough, when i placed my nose to the carpet, there was a definite pee smell. she must have done it while i was at the DMV. little. manipulative. shithead.

so i cleaned the spot and took her outside to her grass mat. i placed her on the mat and said, "Cleo go potty," which she knows and understands very well. she sad down on the grass mat and stared at me. so i picked her up and placed her on the mat again and said, "CLEO GO POTTY" and she laid down on the grass mat and turned her head away, refusing to look at me.

she is nothing short of an evil genius. honestly, she abuses her good looks and kind demeanor to trick us into thinking she is just a cute little dummy. but really she is peeing behind our backs when we leave.

i suppose it's our fault, though. we baby her too much. but really, LOOK AT THAT FACE, HOW COULD WE NOT WANT TO SNUGGLE AND LOVE HER ALL DAY!?!?!?!

at the park 12/11


  1. You went to the park in your jammies and
    Slippers? Low.

  2. mom! i'm wearing a t-shirt and white sweatpants and ballet flats! sheesh! give me a breakkkkkk

  3. She comes to my house again and she's dead meat. She peed and pooped everywhere. She is one UGLY bitch! (I'll bet Ann agrees). But I love you and JJ, so if Cleo has to come, she can, but I may put her, with her poop on my carpet, into a plastic bag and into you know where.


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