Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Celebration #1

yesterday JJ's sister S and her husband and two kids came over at noon to have a Christmas celebration with us! :) it was so much fun. they brought wonderful little pressies for Cleo and JJ and i even got little surprises, so exciting. i love presents. no one loves presents more than me. then S and i left the boys to watch a movie while we went shopping. and of course since we live in southern california, the mall is an outside mall. but it has been non-stop pouring rain since friday. and i'm not complaining, i love the cold, wet weather, but it was a struggle trying to shop.

we went to the gap where i spent hardly any money on a lifetime's worth of clothes for JJ. all the sale items were an additional 40% off. i got great things that will make him look tres handsome. and i also bought myself a hat, some jeweled flats, a t-shirt that says "hammered" and 4 pairs of underwear.

TANGENT: GAPBODY UNDERWEAR IS THE GREATEST UNDERWEAR EVER IN LIFE. i'm literally not kidding. if you like to be comfortable, that is. if you like little pieces of lace and frill stuck up your fanny, by all means, keep shopping at Vic's Secret. but if you, like me, enjoy a nice full-butted pair of underwear in the next size up of what you would normally wear, then GapBody underwear are your gals. srsly. the softest cotton in the world, they are like wedgie-proof and brilliant. and yesterday all of them were $2.50 a piece (regularly $12.50 a piece) !!! so you can imagine my excitement when i found 4 pairs for realllll cheap. and i washed them all today and when they came out of the dryer i like rolled around in them because they're so great.

so after shopping we went back to my apartment and made dinner! S made this delicious Christmas Wreath Pot Pie (that's what we named it) and it was SO GOOD. and it's easy, so i might even venture into the kitchen when i'm home for Christmas to recreate it. we had wine and conversation and it was splendid.

then i made sugar cookies and let the little boys decorate them with frosting and a truckload full of sprinkles. little kids LOVE sprinkles. LOL.

and before we knew it--it was 7 p.m.! we said our goodbyes and wished them Merry Christmas.

what a perfect, fun day :)

and we also got an early Christmas present yesterday from JJ's sister E and her family: a new linen shabby chic duvet cover! OMG! OBSESSED. i'm laying all snuggled up in it right this minute and it's wonderful. WONDERFULLLLLLL

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