Wednesday, December 1, 2010

day 30

i'm done with the 30-day photo challenge!

a photo of you when you were happy:

this was taken by Moon just minutes after JJ proposed in Rovinj, Croatia June 2008. what a dreamboat he is. swooping into Venice on my European backpacking (bulghhh that backpack WEIGHED AS MUCH AS SHAQ!) trip with Moon, taking a boat with us to Croatia, and proposing right in a rocky cove on the Adriadic Sea with his grandmother's vintage ring that i adore. i was verrrrry happy in this picture.

those shoes i'm wearing? JJ and Moon made me put them outside while we slept. because i wore them without socks all day everyday for 5 weeks. he he he and they smelled to HIGH HEAVEN. i still have those vans, though, i just can't get rid of them. they remind me of that wonderful (but never to be done again because living out of a backpack for 5 weeks=nasty and SO not my style) trip.

i heart my hubblestiltskins.

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