Tuesday, December 14, 2010

dumpster diving

today i ventured out of the apartment further than the park. Cleo and i went to mail our Christmas cards. when we got there, the guy said "you need 20 more cents on each card because of the odd envelope size." REALLY GUY?! so i had to buy 90 10 cent stamps and peel them all off and stick them on the envelopes. and the 10 cent stamps have a picture of a pocketwatch on them. so it throws off the whole Christmas balance. very annoying.

then we went to target. where we i needed to get toilet paper and mayonnaise. i know, gross combo. but then i accidentally got everything but toilet paper. RATS! i hate when i forget.

then we went home.

the real story here came as Cleo and i were walking to the car to go on our little adventure. i was on the phone with Moon, juggling Cle's leash, the bag containing the Christmas cards, my purse and a bag of garbage. i was walking to the dumpster to toss the trash. i walked into the trash area and my heart fell out of my chest. for there, digging through the dumpster like it was completely NORMAL, was a guy. he was like "oh, hey!" i mean, if it weren't for the fact that i was on the phone with Moon i would have screamed. instead i panicked and threw my garbage at him. i was on my period last week so my garbage was basically just a bunch of used tampon applicators and a few empty cookie containers. then i got into my car and told Moon what had just happened. it was really frightful. like, you can't just hang around in the dumpster all creepy-like and say hello to people. the thing is, he wasn't homeless. he was like a totally normal guy. he was in jeans and a t-shirt and a hat. Moon and i came to two conclusions: 1. he accidentally threw something away (like the engagement ring he was planning on giving to his girlfriend) and was in the garbage looking for it, in which case, i'm very embarrassed to have thrown my used tampon applicators in his face, or 2. he was out of his mind on LSD and thought he was in his apartment. but really he was in the dumpster.

either way, he was tres creepy.


  1. Dumpster Diving is a real phenomenon--truly. There's like a secret society around the idea that American's throw too much away that's still good for use. For real. Google it.

    Nonetheless - TRES creepy.

  2. As they say..... "one mans trash is another mans treasure."
    I'll admit it, I've found some real gems in the dumpster from time to time ha :)


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