Monday, December 6, 2010

foot fungus

JJ came home on Tuesday from work complaining that he had athlete's foot. so i shouted at him to put on socks and to keep away from me. then he started to panic. and i was like "calm down it's just athlete's foot GHODDD" and he said "well i've never had it before so i don't know what to expect." and i laughed. because he never had athlete's foot when he was an actual athlete. or in high school, when everyone showers together after P.E. (barf. my school never did that by the way) and stomps around barefoot in used water. or in college when you forget to wear your shower shoes to the community bathrooms.

my point is, how could he get athlete's foot now, when he is only sharing a shower with a girl and a dog? i mean come on. he should have gotten it at least 4 times before now.

so i said, "if you've never had athlete's foot, then why are you, with such conviction, claiming that you have it now?"

and he said, "i saw a tinactin commercial today."

you know, as in "BOOM! FAST ACTIN' TINACTIN!" then we had an argument about whether or not it was "fast actin' tinactin" or, as JJ believes, "tough actin' tinactin." then we youtubed and decided that "fast actin'" is the old commercial and "tough actin'" is the new one.

so anyway, i was like JJ YOU DO NOT HAVE ATHLETE'S FOOT JUST BECAUSE YOU SAW A COMMERCIAL. COME ON YOU HYPOCHONDRIAC!!! and then he brought up the one time when i called him a hypochondriac and he actually had the flu. but still. he did not and still doesn't have athlete's foot. he forgot about the itching in his foot within 20 minutes.


  1. haha.... just shares the shower with a dog & a girl.... haahaha

  2. i'm a hypochondriac. i go on webMD and diagnose myself with diabetes and leukemia about once a month. i also sometimes think i have meningitis or a brain aneurism but pretty sure they're just migraines.


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