Monday, December 6, 2010

full popular week

OK sorry i haven't blogged in a while. you know, i'm just SO BUSY with my life. KIDDING. but really, this week is a big week. going to get fingerprinted so i can get a substitute teaching job (!!!) and also i have been working on my Christmas cards. i even had a full social calendar this week. see below.

Monday: well, actually i did nothing this day.

Tuesday: attempted to go to the DMV to get a new license. and there was a line that wrapped around the building. also i think i saw a used tampon in the parking lot. vommit. am going to stake out a black-friday-like spot at 7:30 a.m. sometime this week.

Wednesday: i went to the post office and spent 75 non-existant dollars. WTF?!?! the virgin mary stamps were almost out so i had to buy as many as i could. and i also i mailed two birthday packages and my annual Christmas surprise to my closest family and friends. which cost $1.22 a pop. i am the reason the USPS is in business. GHODDD

Thursday: i went to Disneyland! to celebrate our niece's 4th birthday. it was a blast. JJ's mom called Buzz Lightyear "Bud Lightstar" LOL.

that's my nephew MG and me and my niece NJC on it's a small world. best ride ever.

Friday: i caught up on my TV shows. i also went to Michael's and bought a Martha Stewart craft because i got a 50% off coupon in my Real Simple magazine. i crafted my heart out that afternoon. that night i met the wives/girl coworkers/girlfriends of JJ's coworkers. last time i met them for drinks i offered to drive to meet our men at another bar. except when we got outside i forgot where i parked. i lost my car. wtf is wrong with me? i'm so embarrassing. we did an entire lap around the shopping center until i came in a close enough radius for the panic button to work. so this time i made JJ drop me off.

Saturday: i made JJ breakfast! a fried egg sandwich with cheese and extra mayonnaise!!! i'm such a good wife he he heee!! the apple cup! go zags! ha ha. but really, there was a showing of the game in Huntington Beach, so a group of JJ's work friends (cougar alum, sorry mom and dad) drove there to watch the game. i wore my one cougar shirt that says "WSU baseball" on it that Sam gave me in 2006, which has sought me through the best of times and the worst of times. and i saw someone i knew! isn't that crazy? it was the fiancee of my friend Curly Tyler. small world. anyway, i had too many chips and too many beers. and then i ordered a clam chowder. why is clam chowder my fave drinking food? like, ew. and JJ had to stop at a JITB so i could pee on the way home. and he wouldn't let me get curly fries and buttermilk ranch dressing and a chocolate milkshake. what a buzzkill.

me and JJ on the Huntington Beach Pier. nice net in the background, eh?

we had a Washington Apple shot! whoops, forgot about it until i found this pic. he he

Sunday: JJ went on an adventure to get us bagels. there are NO GOOD BAGELS IN RANCHO CUCAMONGROSS. i'm not kidding. none. i miss ultie (ultimate bagel). anyone else from GU miss ultimate bagel!?!?! then we went Christmas shopping. and i'm sooo almost done. just have two more gifts to buy. hooray! then we got home and watched along came polly on TBS (which is so underrated by the way. it's HILARIOUS. JJ and i always laugh like children when ben stiller has an IBS flare-up in Jennifer Anniston's bathroom LOLOLOL) while we wrapped presents. then we went to Pasadena for JJ's Mom's bday celebration and ate some DELICIOUS mexican food.

see how popular we are??


  1. is there a noah's bagels in the area?? in northern california we have noah's bagels and they're SO GOOD.

  2. i LOVE noah's. no noah's for 40 miles! arhhhh

  3. washington apple shot (I just shuddered) last time we did that it ran down my face and in my hair, I have the flip to prove it. ghod Sarah's wedding was the best.

  4. Ultimate Bagel - Ultimately my fav bagel place in the world. We were passing through there this August and it was CLOSED!!! Just randomly closed one day... sucked. Oh well, someday i'll venture back to spokompton and get myself a delish bagel. Good luck hunting. It's so hard to find a place that A. has delish bagels B. yummy cream cheese!


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