Monday, December 6, 2010


since i have been applying to about 67 jobs a day, my junk mail folder has gotten to be quite large and cumbersome. i wouldn't go in there, but sometimes emails that i actually want are put in there, like the one from who said they received my application. i want to walk dogs and socialize with cats. it's something to do to fill my lonely days.

but mostly the emails really are junk. and there's a bizarre consistency with the emails. they fall within five categories:

1. food
2. vacations
3. self help
4. unemployment funding
5. lesbianism

this morning, for instance, i got 7 emails.

1. from "Unemployment Poll" subject line: Attn: L: $500 check to pay your bills!

2. from "Experience Las Vegas" subject line: Las Vegas Specials! Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas!

3. from "Depression Help" subject line: Do you know someone in need of help, L?

4. from "Cruise Values" subject line: Re: Reduced Cruise Packages for you, L!

5. from "Thanks for Responding" subject line: McDonald's Giftcard for you, L! Reedem now!

6. from "Alcohol Rehab" subject line: Do you know someone in need of help, L?

7. from "Big Beautiful Women" subject line: Meet big beautiful women online, L! Find the right match for you today!

so just because i'm an unemployed loser, spammers send me conflicting emails. vacation packages and free unemployment money? Las Vegas and alcohol rehab? McDonald's coupons and Big Beautiful Women solicitations? i just don't understand.


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