Monday, December 13, 2010

naughty or nice? probs naughty.

there isn't one picture of me from JJ's work Christmas party.

and it's a shame because i looked great. i had an adorbale light brown chiffon fluffy dress on with matte black tights and high heels. i had my hair in a holiday bun with my big giant maroon flower headband.

the theme of the party was "naughty or nice" and basically it's a white elephant gift exchange and flip cup tournament (of which i am the champion).

JJ and i went to target 30 minutes before the party and bought two gifts:

1. a 6-pack of O'Douls and KY jelly
2. size XXL cheetah print underwear, a bottle of Andre "champagne" and a can of whipped cream.

you can imagine the embarrassment when we checked out. sensing one of my awkward comments, JJ whispered to me, "shh, L. don't say anything." and so i kept quiet. and it was too quiet. so as the poor teen boy was ringing up the giant underpants, JJ said, "THOSE ARE FOR ME, HEH HEH HEH!" and i just turned and stared at him. who's the awkward comment idiot now???

we got to the party and it was a blast! in the exchange i got: a six pack of beer, some cookies and a picture of one of JJ's coworkers where he is giving the thumbs up that is absolutely hilarious. and JJ got: something nasty. but here is a hint: it's huge and pink and Cleo is scared of it.

everyone laughed when they opened our gifts. i was worried they were lame. but they weren't! then the girls JM, JR and SD (wives/gf of JJ's coworkers--and my only friends down here who i am obsessed with) took a shot and everyone headed downstairs for the flip cup tournament. JM even has a flip cup glove. that's real. hahahah aaaa it was boys against girls. and at this drunken state of the night, we chose our team name to be Team Bloody Hole. i mean, could we be any more disgusting? but it was HILARIOUS. and we DOMINATED THE BOYS. and JJ even caught us on video. and i fell down and skinned my elbow. he caught that on video too.

and i may or may not have puked in the bushes and on my tights after that and was forced by my husband to go home.

i just can't drink the way i used to. but seriously, it was the best party ever, and i love my new friends.

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