Monday, December 13, 2010


last night JJ wanted to go to the grocery store to get milk for his morning coffee. and he forced me to go with him. so i went. and so did Cleo. i waited in the car.

and i don't know what it is with my crazy, violent scenarios on how i will die...

maybe that story about the idiot people who put their baby in their car at a sketch-ass rest stop and walked away, only to have their car stolen by a maniac, then the parents chased after their car and got it and their baby back...(did you guys hear about that?! true story, it was on the Today Show).


maybe it's because i spent saturday nursing my hangover with water and nachos in bed watching movies. i watched the fugitive. and there is a lot of being held at gunpoint in that movie. it's not a scary movie per se, but it is a definite thriller.


the general fact that when i watch or read the news, i think everything bad that happens to the people is going to happen to me. i worry.

so i don't know what it is, but i sat there in the grocery store parking lot, afraid for my life. the car was running, and it was warm out, so i had the window down. then i pictured a bad guy popping into the car and punching Cleo and telling me shut up. then i pictured me kicking the guy in the face and him pulling out a gun and shooting me in the ear, making my ear fall off (and thus, never to be normal looking again), and pushing me out of the car, stealing the volvo with Cleo inside. really. what is wrong with me??@?!?!?!? i live in suburbia-ville. but i locked the doors and rolled up my windows anyway. and i didn't breathe easily until JJ got back into the car.

and that's why i can't watch any of the Saw movies. not that i would want to, but you see what happens when i subject myself to scary things.


  1. Remember how I said we have a lot in common? I do the same thing...If my husb gets up in the night to go potty I imagine all the things that can happen to me before he gets back. we're twins.

  2. hahahahahahah!!! omg. i thought i was the only one! so glad you're a freak too. twinzzzzz

  3. No joke... Just saw story on news about all the flooding rivers and as cameras were rolling a woman left her car next to a rising river with her baby inside... Cameraman captured all the hysteria as the idiot REMEMBERED her child!!! Omg.

  4. the saw movies are the worst thing to ever happen to mankind.


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