Monday, December 13, 2010

sneaky little shits.

yesterday we went shopping at the Rack. because i got a groupon a couple of weeks ago. $25 for $50 to spend at the Rack. SO GREAT!!

Cleo came. because how could we leave her behind when she does this?

she knew we were leaving and climbed into my purse. sneaky little shit.

and i finished the christmas shopping!!! i shopped and JJ went off and did his own thing. i put everything in the cart. and when we were in line to check out i spotted one more thing to buy. so i went off to find the size i needed and when i went back to the line i couldn't find JJ. then i saw him. at the register waving his arms frantically at me. i had the groupon. and the wallet. ha ha ha. so he was just standing there with no form of payment while the lady waited to be paid. the bill was larger than what i had expected, since almost everything in the store was an additional 35% off yesterday. so as we were walking out i looked at the receipt. everything i had bought was nice n cheap. then i got to the bottom. two $17.97 items. JJ HAD SNUCK TWO PAIRS OF BASKETBALL SHORTS INTO THE CART. COME ONNNNNNNNNNNNN. sneaky little shit.

but at least the Christmas shopping is done! hooray! time to celebrate! we got home and wrapped presents and watched Elf. cottonheadedninnymuggins.

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