Monday, December 13, 2010


i haven't blogged in forevs. and it was because i actually had a life last week (!!!) on tuesday night JJ said he had to go and get a surprise for me. and he left at 10 p.m. to get it. and i got annoyed because i was like COME ON THAT'S SO LATE JUST GET IT TMRWWWW. and then i fell asleep when he left.

i was sound asleep when he got home. he walked in the room and set something on the bed. at first i thought it was a super-chic travel bag for Cleo (i know, i'm a little too obsessed with the travel style of my dog) then, upon closer inspection i saw that it was a very familiar red suitcase. SO I LEAPED OUT OF BED AND THERE, STANDING ON MY FRONT STOOP, WAS MY MOM! it was the best surprise ever. i was like "MOM, WHAT?! WHY ARE YOU HEREEE?!!? MOMMMMMM!" and i ran and hugged her and jumped up and down and hugged her again. then i didn't want to go to bed again because i was so excited.

and we had the best time! she found a sweet deal on a flight down here and she and JJ planned a secret trip. isn't that wonderful? just me and my mom. which doesn't happen very often since i have three sisters. i like hogging her all to myself.

so the next morning when we got up we went shopping! i took her to The Vic. which is like the largest shopping center ever. right here in the cucamongross! it has EVERYTHING. except nordstrom. we had so much fun. we finished all of her christmas shopping and she got me lovely little peacock plates from anthropologie and bare minerals makeup. i'm a big girl now! no more maybeline for me!

we met JJ for lunch, too. at a real, local sandie shop! verdict: it was no SF sourdough, but srsly, it was pretty good. i could hardly put my mouth around the thing! ("that's what she said," says Michael Scott. sorry, couldn't help myself) that night we got cheesecake from the cheesecake factory and watched a movie and then i didn't want to go to bed again. because i was so excited she was here.

lunch :)

the next day we woke up and went to starbucks and took Cleo to the park to play. then we went to pasadena. where we shopped again and it was wonderful and i got an adorbs little kate spade phone case (that i paid for all by myself) and lots of other christmas goodies. we also got my sister M some wedding shoes.

and i got really jealous because i want them.

then we went home and played cards and cleaned my balcony and hung up christmas lights and ate carrots and went to target and watched a movie and made little chocolate and pretzel christmas treats.

and when i took her to the airport on friday morning i didn't even cry. but i did get sad. i didn't want her to leave. but i will see her and THE REST in 10 days! eeeee!

thanks for coming mommmmmmmmmmz.


  1. You're welcome, Baby Girl. It was a ball!!

  2. Spoiled lady! Props to the hubby and mom for pulling off such a fabulous surprise!

  3. every time i see my mom now i burst into tears out of sheer excitement. it's true. and then i sob for a day solid when she leaves and i feel bad for dave because he married an 18 year old (well, 21 now. but whatever). so i'm really excited for you that your mom came!!!!!


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