Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve was great. we lazed and ate. we decided to watch Christmas Vacation so we opened the DVD case and the disc wasn't there. TYPICAL. so JJ and i ventured to Targs on the craziest, busy day of the year and bought a new copy. then when we got home we decided to play Balderdash instead because that's the best game ever. then we fondue'd for dinner (AND I MADE CHEESE FONDUE ALL BY MYSELFFFFFF!!!) and it was delicious but was a little heavy on the worsterchesterershires sauce. then we went to church then got home and opened our matching Christmas jammies. and Mom talked us into sleeping in our own beds. first time since childhood that we all haven't slept under the tree.

then Cleo arose at 5:30 a.m. with Christmas Diarrhea. OF COURSE. and when i tried to go back to sleep, i couldn't because i was too thrilled. because i wanted to know what Santa brought me. so i layed in bed for about 30 minutes until i jumped around the house screaming and waking everyone up. then everyone yelled at me to shut up and that i was annoying. so i got mad. they were a bunch of RUDE-olphs if you ask me.

anyway, we opened stockings and then me and my Mom went into the kitchen to make Christmas Pull-Aparts which are like the most delicious things in the world. they are rhodes dinner rolls with butterscotch pudding mix, pecans, brown sugar and butter all over them. we prepared them and left them in the kitchen to rise before we baked them. WELL, WHEN WE WENT BACK INTO THE KITCHEN THE ROLLS WERE GONE. JUST GONE FORM THE BUNDT PAN.

then we heard a burp. my sister M's dog Hank was sitting there. he had eaten 24 raw dough rolls covered in butter and sugar and nuts. dskfjlajksdflkfjd HANK RUINED CHRISTMAS i proclaimed. but everyone just felt bad for the dog. no one cared that he had eaten the best part about Christmas.

about a half hour later JJ went into the TV room where he came across Something Interesting. he said it looked like a pillow, so he touched it. in fact it was the Christmas Pull-Aparts that had risen in Hank's stomach and then had been barfed out onto the couch.

then a couple hours later Dad and i took the dogs out to potty and Hank had badddd rrhea. and as he was hunched over, trying to poo, he pace-planted into the snow. when he was finished he ran right into the garage door. M googled the effects of eating an entire bag of raw dough rolls and "fermenting yeast" and "alcohol poisoning" came up. Hank was piss drunk, stumbling and running into things, puking and diarrhea-ridden. it was absolutely hilar but also scary. so he had to be rushed to the emergency vet and had to have a bag of fluid attached to his back to balance out the alcohol in his bloodstream.

then we went to U Bud and A Nancy's for Christmas dinner and presents and games. usually we play catchphrase. but this time we played madgab. and i hated it. I HATE THAT GAME. i think it's one of those things where either your brain knows it or it doesn't. here is an example:

Annie Weigh Oo One Tit

you have to say it over and over until you realize what it really is.

try it.


ok the answer is "any way you want it"


throw in a case of bud light and you have yourself a VERY CHALLENGING GAME.

we opened presents and my cousin got my a Betsey Johnson negligee and it was so awkward opening it in front of my whole family. then JJ got extremely awkward and said, "oh yeah! that's nice!" and i just wanted to die. OMG!

oh and we also got a fancy camera from Grandma and Pappy. like a real one. that is big and the flash pops up when you take a picture. and it has a video camera built in. tres cool.

then we went home and slept and woke up the next morning and Christmas was over. wahhhhh

classy L, CLASSY!
(that's my cousin's husband in the background)

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  1. MY MOM DOES PULL APART EVERY CHRISTMAS MORNING AND IT IS THE BEST PART OF CHRISTMAS! sorry it got the dog drunk though, that blows.


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