Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas contd.

so when we woke up and thought that Christmas was over, we realized that it wasn't!

because my Mom's family was driving over to spend the day with us and she set out a cheese platter that practically stopped my heart. it was the most beautiful thing i had ever seen.

then my sister CA and i had a guacamole making contest and, well, i want to say that i won, but we tied.

and Dad also got a Cougar Gold cheese wheel for Christmas that i ate 3/4 of that was DELICIOUS.

then everyone came to our house and brought their dogs (and my Mom's cousin got a new dog--an actual small one, perfect size for Cleo and they had a ball romping around) and we played games and ate cheese and let the dogs play outside in the snow, and ate cheese and played games and it was great. then we went to go see "The Fighter" and OMG AMY ADAMS IS SUCH A GOOD ACTRESS! she was trashy and chubby and brilliant.

then on the 27th my fam went to EL CAP for lunch yummmm. then me, JJ and CA went over to Seattle. CA went to our cousin's house and JJ went to visit his friend Chunkles and i went to visit the Fab5. KKiss and i met up for a drink then we all went to LJ's to exchange gifts and then we went to Pink Door for dinner where there was a shell in my seafood risotto and i ate it and the we saw the trapeze artist's hoo-hah and had a blast chatting and catching up.

then we went back to LJ's. and JJ picked me up. and we went to pick CA up. AND THE PASS WAS CLOSED OMG BRUTALLLLL so we hung around on the couch until it was open again and then we drove home and it took ages and poor JJ had to drive and was tired. so he grabbed coffee and a McChicken to-go to stay awake.

then on the 28th my parents and sisters MM and CA LEFT US BEHIND AND WENT ON A PRIVATE JET TO SAN DIEGO FOR THE HOLIDAY BOWL HOW'S LIFE!??!?! minus the holiday bowl part because i hate nothing more than sports. then it was just M, Me and JJ. so JJ dingled around while M and i went to TJ Maxx and bought wonderful things (DUH!) and then we got home and charged a movie from DirecTV cinema to my parents' account (he he). we watched "THE TOWN" great movie! we were totally nervs the whole time.

then we went to my cousin Brett's house to have dinner with him and his gf Kourtney. DELISH! and they love red wine as much as me, so it was great. then we got home and slept.

sigh. told you i was busy. that might have been a boring post, but i wanted to document it. alksdflfaks; eee!

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  1. ha! like this post! while I was reading it I was imagining a wild look in your eye and you talking a million miles a minute. it reminded me a bit of listening to a 3rd grader tell you about their day.

    "and then.... and then... and then.... " :)


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