Tuesday, January 4, 2011


on Sunday we went to the clipper's basketball game because DJ works for them. it was fun! Rah and i gossiped and giggled until it was over. then we went and bought boots because it was freezing and raining. Rah bought over-the-knees and i bought short rhinestoned cowboy boots that we agreed look like something Russel Brand would wear (500 extra points for me) then met up with Nebular's dad. who. works. for. Disney.

and he took us to THE COMPANY D STORE. which is a Disney Cast Member's Only warehouse with LOADS of Disney gear 70% off! i got the most adorable shirt that is Minnie Mouse's head with little fluffy flowers all over her bow. Nebular actually picked it out. and i'm obsessed! i also got a t-shirt that says "Queen of Hearts" and an old-school Mickey tee for my Dad. JJ didn't want anything. you see, when you are from California, i think the allure of Disney and its magic is dimmed. not his fault. i tried to force him into a Mickey dress shirt, but he wouldn't have it. harumph. Rah got a t-shirt with teacups stacked that says "drink me" (nod to Alice in Wonderland) and Nebular got like 800 Mickey things. here we are the next day in DLand at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride wearing our Disney Garb:

then we went to Downtown Disney to eat at Tortilla Joe's which is my favoriteeee! then Nebular's dad took us to a few of his favorite stores where he gets 40% off everything! and i found this and wanted it SO BAD:

isn't it AWESOME!??! I'M OBSESSED WITH IT AND I WANT TO HANG IT BY MY VANITY. but JJ wouldn't let me buy it. wahhhhhh.

then we headed home for the night.

the next day we DISNEYLANDED!!!! and it was amazing. we had a blast. BLAST! it was cold, but wasn't raining. and we went on every single ride i wanted to go on. lucky!!! everyone hated me when i forced them onto Splash Moutain. Rah and i got water inside of our rainboots and JJ's whole right side was soaked. he eventually took his sock off and threw it away. hahahahaaha.

here is a lil montage for you:

California Screamin' (a little blurry from the morning rain):

Tower of Terror (how terrified am i????):

Splash Mountain (everyone hates me and Rah is the headless horseman):

Space Mountain (with the happiest Asian you have ever seen in life):


  1. I love pics like these! did you go on the Buzz Lightyear ride?!?

  2. yes! and here is what everyone said, "that ride was so stupid" I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! THEY THOUGHT BUZZ LIGHTYEAR WAS STUPID

  3. NOOOOOOOO!!! Last time I was at DL, there was no line & I rode it OVER & OVER & OVER. no joke. LOVED IT!

    why you go to DL w/ party poopers? ha

  4. I can't quit looking at the pictures--SOOOOO funny! Looks chilly too....


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