Tuesday, January 4, 2011

flying with dog

on December 23 we arose at 4 a.m. the three of us got dressed and grabbed our suitcases and headed out into the darkness at the devil's hour. and waited for the taxi. AND HE WAS 34 MINUTES LATE OMG. when we got to the airport it was complete madness! everyone trying to GTFOO Rancho Cucamongross and off to wonderful places like Washington.

but everything went great and Cleo was more popular than the babies int he airport. everyone was ob-SESSED with her. and she traveled wonderfully!

...except when we got on the tiny plane from Seattle to Yakima. we unzipped her little carrier so she could rest happily under the seat, like so:

and then JJ and i both closed our eyes to catch some zzz's on the 30 minute flight. the flight attendant was explaining where the exits are and how to buckle yourself (just completely useless. if we crash, we're all dead. a seatbelt is not saving ANYONE OMG!) when we heard her say, "OH! AND WE HAVE A LITTLE DOGGIE..." JJ and i bolted straight up and sure enough, there was Cleo, trotting down the aisle like a show pony licking everyone's hands and flirting with the rich men.

JJ had aisle seat so he chased her down and we put her back in the carrier. it was quite hilar but we were totally embarrassed. when we got home my Dad was there to pick us up and Cleo has her first pee in the snow. then we went home and i body slammed Chanel and smothered her with kisses.


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