Friday, January 7, 2011

glitterz be mine

well i did it. i found a 40% off coupon online and bought THE MARTHA GLITTER KIT!!!!!!!! kdjfjklsafdlaksj!!!!! it was only like $18 with the coupon. not a bad deal. and now i get to stare at the glitters, all lined up in a rainbow row and drool. my friend Doo and i just crafted the shit out of yesterday with those sparkles. except i got mad at her. OK, so you know when you use one glitter color and you're done, that you're SUPPOSED to pour all the remaining unused glitter back into the canister before starting in on another color?! WELL SHE DIDN'T DO THAT. so she had like a giant schmorgashboard of all the different colors all mixed up. forgiven since she's a new friend. if it had been an old friend to commit that crime, i would have shamed and scolded her, saying "YOU SHOULD KNOW HOW I LOVE THE GLITTERS, AND YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT I DON'T WANT THEM ALL MIXED UP TOGETHER. YOU MIGHT AS WELL GO INTO MY ROOM AND MESS UP MY PERFECTLY COLOR-COORDINATED CLOSET YOU SCOUNDREL."

but i told her it was OK. and it was. mostly.

on another note, my Ma sent us a package! something for everyone inside!

1. for JJ: his sweatshirt that he got for Christmas that he accidentally left in my Mom's car.
2. for L: my book that i accidentally left at home: "On Writing: a memoir of the craft" by Stephen King that Moon gave to me and that i love. it's the only non-scary book that he's written. it also has a little Asian man bookmark that my Mimi got me in Vietnam nestled between the pages. ALSO, a silver, crown-shaped bottle opener. THNX MA!
3. for Foxy Cleopatra:

OMFG COULD YOU DIE!?!?!?!? Cleo the Badass. except she hates sweaters. so she just sits like that with her tail down until i take it off then she runs around itching herself on the rug. what a weirdo.

also, JJ got a haircut. i'll drink to that! SALUT!


  1. i have that stephen king book! it's fantastic! you HAVE to also get writing down the bones by natalie goldberg, and if you're interested in non-fiction, she wrote a book called old friend from far away: the art of writing memoir that is equally as good. she is my hero. maybe you should move closer to rexburg and then we can be real-life friends and swap books and have writing dates and i wouldn't feel so creepy for internet-stalking you??? k perfect thanks L.


    you could move to Rancho Cucamonga :) alllll right! GO! real life friendship would be amazing.



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