Tuesday, January 25, 2011

hiatus SORRY

first things first:

this weeks' poll may be my most important poll EVER. i mean, it's an imperative question that i think is all i need to know about a person in order for me to judge their life.

so does the question make sense? to clarify, there are two ways to handle your toilet paper when you wipe. the first is to fold it neatly before wiping. the second is the bunch it up in a ball before meeting it to your delicate bum. so which are you? VOTE VOTE VOTE THIS IS OF HIGH IMPORTANCE. thnx.

ok so back to business. i didn't blog for a long time because i was in Spokane. working. I KNOW. WORKING. my old boss and friend CP went to Vegas with her husband and i watched the kididdles. and i went a week early because i wanted to hang out with Rah and Sabby and work some more. so i did! and i made some money! hurrah for L! it was such a fun time filled with highs (jersey shore and wine with Rah, Chuck E. Cheese with Sabby and all the kids, when S told me i had a great haircut) and lows (when CP's dog had anal leakage all over their white couch so i had to strip it and bleach it. and put the dog in one of Baby P's diapers LOL, when M said, "L, i'm going to miss you so much when you leave again wahhhhh almost brought me to tears) and Spokane was, as it always is in Janurary, frightfully frigid and icy. i even slipped and fell on my ass once for old times sake.

it's so weird being in Spoke. because it feels like home...except it's not. and i thought i would be bored with a lot of down time while Rah and Nebular were at work, but i ended up being just as busy! it was great. and i also didn't take any pictures of humans. only of the dogs. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!? I NEED TO DOCUMENT MY LIFE BETTER!!! but dog pics are hilar:

that would be Frank, Rah's 348-pound pomapoo, who was supposed to be a lap dog.

and Benjamin Pierre the terrorist. just look at him, planning Rah's demise.

and little sleeping Cleopatra. who is still wiped out from her week with Rah's dogs and being squeezed by Baby P until her eyeballs popped out.

i came home Sunday night and got in at 9:30. JJ was there to pick me up and i declared upon entering the apartments, "I'M NOT EVEN GOING TO BRUSH MY TEETH THAT IS HOW TIRED I AM" and i fell into bed wearing a sweatshirt and underwear (which is a completely ridiculous and awkward sleepwear choice) and PTFO.

home sweet home.

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