Wednesday, January 26, 2011

highlight: new sweatpants!

you guys.

i think i've been jipped by Gerald. he charged me an assful for my brakes. and my Dad said it was just too much. so he's going to call Gerald. yikes!

also, i built my pink bike yesterday! OMG OMG OMG! except two screws are missing, and i'm not talking about the the ones from Cleo's brain. TWO SCREWS! so i think i will have to hunker on down to the home depot. i hate that store. with my whole heart. just a giant warehouse filled with things i will never want. i just hate it. it's the worst kind of shopping ever.

i DID go shopping with my friend Doo today at The Vic. have i told you guys about The Vic? Victoria Gardens is what it's called. just a giant, wonderful shopping center filled with great things. LIKE, the new sweatpants i got from forevs. (fact: unemployed losers buy sweatpants, not work clothes) they are really soft and heather gray and have giant pink granny flowers on them. and i'm all snuggled up in them right now. i also found a $4.97 rack at JC Penny that blew my mind. got some good shiz. you should go check out YOUR local JC Penny mega sale rack. Rah went to the one in Spoke and it was a $2.97 rack! OMFG! and also i got a light pink and black ruffly girly shirt to wear for Valentine's Day from H&M. it's made of recycled polyester eeeee! how green i am!

i also got like an entire giant bag filled with sour strawberry banana belts. i just love them.

i have a headache. and i never ever ever get sick except for like once every 2 years. i think it's time. but i will eat an airborne and hopefully it will go away. i like eating airbornes, is that weird? easier than drinking the fizzy airborne water in my opinion.

now i am sitting in my new sweatpants listening to the Santa Ana winds. did you know that the winds makes JJ nauseous?? it's because when he was little the santa anas started that giant fire in CA. rmbr that?? anyway, the fires scared the shit out of him apparently so these winds make him feel like he's gonna barf. he's on his way to the king's game (sans wife) so i'm glad he's not barfy in the apartment. wait, is that rude? sorry JJ. well i like the winds. because they are soft and warm and make the palm trees blow and they swirl yummy flowery nature smells in the air. which sounds all earthy and shit--not usually like me...but really i like them. they are SO california.

also, my friend Brandilyn has been taking pictures of her outfits everyday and it's such a cute idea. i thought about it for a min then i rmbrd:

1. i wear sweatpants everyday. i put together stupid (yet creative) sweatpants/t-shirt combos daily. i just couldn't post those pictures. i would just look like an ass.

2. even though i enjoy fashion and partake in its ever-changing money-stealing scheme, mine is not a fashion blog. mine is a narcissistic humor blog, OK?!

i love you

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