Wednesday, January 12, 2011


the good news is, Doo and i went to ikea after the temp agency. i originally wanted to buy the armoire that JJ's parents gave us money to buy (for xmas), but i couldn't find it! argh. so then i decided to go look for white couch covers for the flower couch. and online they weren't available but said they cost $100. in store i looked it up and they cost $50. great! so i found one. then i also got an orchid. and a scrubby brush for my kitchen. and some artwork. and a vase. and some candles. and for some reason i lost the vase. i have a suspicion that i left it on top of my car and drove away and it shattered on the ground behind me.

and Doo got just a kitchen scrubby brush for .99 cents.

i mean, i think, maybe, i have a shopping problem?? ghodddd.

so ikea has self-check-out now. and when i rang up the white couch cover said $11. ELEVEN DOLLARS! and the orchid was $12.99. the orchid was more than the couch cover. hahahahha. i was about to shout out in happiness, then Doo made a face like to shut the hell know, in case it was a mistake. so basically i got 90% off.

and got a whole new look for the living room. FINALLY, A COHESIVE LOOK:

isn't it nice? i'm kind of sad about no more flower couch. it's an end of an era. sigh. and doesn't the room look a little "boy-ish" now?!?!? my only pink is the chair and the flowers on the fireplace. OMG!

oh, and here is our artwork: i'm obsessed: JJ's obsessed: and it's PICASSO! well, sort of: Picasso for ikea. for $39.99:


  1. I ALMOST PURCHASED THIS at Ikea last weekend. I think it is fabulous! It was my first rodea at Ikea and it took serious self control to not purchase half the store. I really liked the world map hanging thing too. Did you see that?

  2. This post makes me think of the commercial for Ikea, where the woman is leaving the store with her bags, looks at her receipt and starts yelling "START THE CARRRRR!!! SSTTAARRRTTT THE CCCAARRRR!! START THE CAR! STARRTT THE CCCAAARRR!!!" at her hubby like she'd stolen something HAHAHAHA. *sigh* you are all kinds of wonderful, miss L.


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