Tuesday, January 4, 2011

january depression has set in

friends and foes OMG sorry i'm just too popular and cool to have been blogging through the holiday rush.

we have been going 100 miles/minute since December 23, and we are still not totally finished with Christmas. this weekend we are going to JJ's parents to celebrate. i'm 7 and asked for a bike and rainboots. fingers crossed!

so now i'm laying in bed because i don't feel good. obviously i would be laying in bed even if i felt great, but still. "i'm resting."

and now it's back to the job hunt (harumph) i hate Janurary. and January job hunting just sounds about as fun as going to the gyno. bulghhh

the apartment is about as messy as Oscar the Grouch's garbage can. srsly. just shit everywhere. in fact, i just polished off a bag of skittles and just threw the wrapper on the ground and didn't even care.

and JJ is at work and i miss him. i'm used to having him around all day everyday and now he's gone and i'm sad. and my throat hurts. and i'm broke. and i have to take down the Christmas decorations. and there aren't anymore Christmas commercials on TV. but i guess i will tell all of the things that happened throughout Christmas and NYE. here we go.

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