Wednesday, January 12, 2011


there's a new internet dating commercial that's on the air now and it says something like "the average person has 28 first kisses in their lifetime..."

well, last night JJ and i were in bed watching the biggest loser when that commercial came on. and after it threw that statistic in our faces we just went kind of silent. i mean, 28 TWENTY-EIGHT first kisses?!?! like, that's a lot. omg. so many. i'm not even near 28 first kisses in my life and i'm already married. 28! THAT'S UNREAL! i was thinking all of this in my head when JJ said, "wow, that's kind of a lot." and i said, "I KNOW, RIGHT?!?! WE WILL NEVER HAVE 28 FIRST KISSES!" so then we kissed 29 times to make up for it. but we both got a little bored around kiss 14. but we finished anyway. that's ok. so i will never live up to the online dating people, with 28+ first kisses...but 29 in a row with my husband is quite alright with me. he he


  1. This makes me feel slutty. I've had way more than 28 first kisses....

  2. i don't wanna actually count and have to relive all of them, but i'm confident its nowhere near 28.

  3. It sounds like a lot for an average person, but I've always been shy. I got my first boyfriend during my senior year in high school, but never kissed anybody before that. (I've always been friends with boys, but if any of them liked me that way, I was clueless about it!)I guess for people who are more outgoing, kissing is no big deal. One of my girlfriends kisses everybody when she gets really drunk.


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