Tuesday, January 25, 2011


so now it's back to the old cucamongross life where i sit and do nothing but look for jobs online and eat 8 dumdums for lunch. i actually got an interview....except i was in Spoke. i mean, c'mon. really with my terrible luck?? just CAN I GET A BREAK!?!?

this morning i took my car to Volvo to get it checked out (the brakes were a tad squeaky), and the guy's name was Gerald and he was nice enough. let me and Cleo sit in the waiting room and have a free pastry and read magazines. then he came back 2 hours later and showed me a bill for $2,500. THAT'S REAL. he was like "ok, you need new brakes and brake pads. and new tires and a new bumper.

my bumper falls off all the time. i hate my bumper. i always accidentally scrape it on that cement thing in parking spaces and it scratches the bottom. and then eventually falls off. so i always take it to Volvo and they plug it back in. but this time the guy was like "yeah, we can't fix it. you need a new bumper." and then i just wanted to cry because i mean, $2,500....OMFG COME ONNNNNNN. then Gerald was like, "are you OK?" and i was like "YEAH GERALD, I'M FINE, BUT I JUST HATE YOU. I HATE YOU AND YOUR STUPID TIE AND YOUR WHOLE SELF." and then i told him that i was just going to have to think about it.

then i sat down in the lobby again with a grumble and shoved my free pastry away from me and let the crumbs fall onto the ground without even caring. and also i had a little bit of tears on the cusp of my eye. i was just contemplating letting Cleo outside to poo on their lawn and NOT pick it up, when this guy sat down next to me with a grumble too. he asked me about my car. and i told him and asked about his. and then he gave me the number to a wholesale parts place where they specialize in Volvos, and how it's a lot cheaper there. how nice! his name was Chad, and i shook his hand and thanked him and wished him good luck with his Volvo.

so, even though i am still unemployed and have a bumper to replace, it's nice to know that there are kind and decent people in the world.

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  1. I am glad too! It makes my heart beam with joy!! How glorious!


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