Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rah & Neb Christmas!

the good thing about coming back to the Cucamongross is that THE NEXT DAY Rah and Nebular were going to be here. HEREEEEE!!!

and so i tried to clean the best i could to prepare for their arrival. i did 368 loads of laundry and JJ vacuumed. good enough.

on the 30th, JJ and i met up with Rah and Nebular and we had a giant, loud reunion in the parking lot of an Outdoor World. then we hopped in the car and made a pit stop at taco bell before heading out to do a lil shopping. whereinwhich Nebular bought a very questionable outfit at H&M. you might have thought he wasn't married to a woman. we had quite a giggle.

the boys had tickets to the King's game that night so Rah and i were going to bounce about LA for the evening, until we decided a wine crawl through apartment 192 in our sweat pants sounded much more enticing. we watched Easy A and Breakfast at Tiffany's, ate popcorn and tamales, and worked our way through 2 bottles. THE MOST PERFECT NIGHT EVER. then the boys got home and we had Christmas. i got an electronic wine bottle opener (OMG alcoholic much?), sanuks! (Rah, Nebular and JJ all have a pair, and i always felt left out, not anymoreeee!), an "L" mug and a lovely little book. it was really fun.

the next morning we left the house at 8 a.m. to drive to vegas...

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