Friday, January 7, 2011

russell brand-esque day

i, LEGH, am making a pie. literally, it's in the oven RIGHT NOW. and it's berry flavored. (straw, blue, black and rasp) and i added extra sugar. it's going to be delectable! it's for "Little Christmas" which is with JJ's family. we didn't get to see them for the holiday so we are celebrating tomorrow! (BIKE BIKE BIKE, OH PLZ OH PLZ) and i'm going to walk triumphantly through the door, carrying that damn pie! it even smells delish.

today i went to get pie ingredients. at target. AT LEAST WHAT I THOUGHT WAS A TARGET.


IT WAS A SUPER TARGET! and it was like i had died and GONE TO HEAVEN. groceries galore! i spent $83 dollars on food. alllll food. including these fake babies:

that bowl was filled with golden pears and red cherries (also fake) for Christmas. and when i put them away, the bowl looked so empty and sad. so i filled it with fake lemons instead. adds a nice little burst of color to the room. TRA LA! 20 extra points if you found Cleo and gave her a virtual snuggle.

anyway, back to SUPER TARGET OMG. seriously. the place is a GODSEND. it's amazing. SO MANY CHOICES. and archer farms is the best brand of food ever in life. i bought: hummus, spinach and artichoke dip, tamales, pizza, jalepeno poppers, and cheese OH THE CHEESE, BE STILL MY HEART! it was the most fun i've had in a long time. and it wasn't even that crowded. it was the best target ever. i was speechless with joy.

also, i dressed at Russell Brand today: bejeweled black short cowboy boots (that i purchased on Sunday because it was pouring rain and we were walking around, far from home and i was wearing unsuitable shoes. Rah bought new boots too), skinny jeans, a white tee, a black leather vest, all of you L-Wears-Red-Lipstick-Haters, i sported rogue on my lips. and. i. looked. cool. like Mr. Brand Himself. in fact, i think if he had seen me today he might have wanted to dump Katy and ask me to be his forever. (NOT that i would have said yes. i mean, i'm a married woman. i'd probs have to think real hard about it, though).

here is what i looked like: sorry for the awk photos that i took of myself. but you can see that JJ and i got a new camera from my Grandparentals. it's quite chic:


well, obviously. a sunglasses pic = much more cool.

HOENSTLY! i think the red lipstick is totally working for me. JJ still hates it...

awk body shot. am i a total rockstar? duh.


  1. i saw russell brand in person two feet in front of me in vegas. you totally looked like him!


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