Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a stroke of fate. not for me, i had a stroke of horrid luck...the fate was for my parents.

the 29th.


because we had to go home. first of all, M woke me up at 7 and forced me to go to Yoga. c'mon, i haven't worked out since we moved, so i thought i was going to die just walking up the stairs to get into the gym. i literally rolled out of bed in the same shirt i wore the night before and threw on a bra and yoga pants and THIS SWEATSHIRT:

my Dad bought us all this sweatshirt. it's a blinged-out SHS Viking. which is the high school mascot. and as much as we all loved to hate it, we are all obsessed with the damn thing. we all wore the sweatshirt all weekend, it was hilar. and now i know you wish you had one too.

after i died in yoga, we went home and JJ and i started packing. bulghhhh so. much. SHIT. omg. it was a miracle we fit everything into the 4 suitcases we brought home. unreal. the things you accumulate on vacation--especially on a Christmas vacation. it's UNREAL.

so about 10 minutes before we left to go to the airport (which meant that we stopped at King's Row on the WAY to the airport where i made the worst mistake of my life and ordered a chocolate milkshake), i realized that i was supposed to clean Chanel's litterbox in my parents' bathroom. FUDGE. i wanted my Mommy to be proud that i remembered to do it. so i ran back to their bathroom. and. stepped. in. dog. shit. CLEO'S DOG SHIT TO BE EXACT. she had dubbed my parents' bathroom as "Poo Place" since they left on their PRIVATE JET. and i was wearing uggs. so i had bits of dog poo stuck in the traction crevasses of my boot. i cursed and dramatically threw my boot down the hallway. then i bare-hand grabbed Chanel's litter box, went outside, and threw the litter and pee and poo off the cliff. then i stomped (one boot on, one boot still laying in hall) to the bathroom and threw the litterbox in the shower and turned the water on full-blast hot. then i screamed at M to get me a toothpick to pick the dog poo out of my boot. and when she opened the cupboard to get me a toothpick, out fell the tickets to the HOLIDAY BOWL GAME that my parents forgot at home. so JJ called the ticket office and they reprinted the tickets and had them at will call for my idiot parents.

so, in a weird way, it was fate that i rmbrd to clean Chanel's litterbox and stepped in dog poop.

anyway, the litterbox and my boot were squeaky clean within 12 minutes and we were on our way to king's row then the airport.

and i cried when the plane took off.

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  1. ok, I'm still stuck on the fact that you wore a bra to yoga. You sported - so proud of you ;)


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