Wednesday, January 12, 2011

temp. insane--oops i mean temp. agency

first things first: i get to have a pity party on my own blog. so look to your right at my new poll. and just vote yes to make me feel better. because today i spent my afternoon watching poorly made abcfamily movies, OK!?!? and Cleo is having one of her asthma problems. and also i made spaghetti sauce. GOLD STAR!

remember how i bought those fake lemons for the bowl? well i had them out for a few days and decided i hate them. i. hate. them. so i took them out. and added more things to the table instead. but the thing is, now i have 16 fake lemons that i have no idea what to do with.

yesterday i went to a temp agency with my friend Doo who is also looking for a job. i gussied up and even curled my hair (!!!) and looked tres professional chic. then i got there and had to have an "interview" with THE most awkward person on the planet. first of all, the place is run by a brit and her twin sons. and both sons were wearing blue shirts. so i kept getting them mixed up. like, come on, call each other in the morning and tell the other what you are wearing, ghoddddd. so this guy was so awkward. and i couldn't even have a conversation with him. so i just sat there answering whatever weird thing he would ask me, "i.e. i see you were a nanny?" me: "well, yes! the experience was wonderful, but i don't think i want to be a caretaker again unless it's with my own children. that job prepared me for my future!" and he said, "so is that what you want to do someday? my wife was a nanny and now we have a son." me: "er, well, yes, i want to be a mom someday. but, er, not a nanny again." awkward silence.

so then he tells me to come back in an hour and take some excel and word and typing tests. and i met Doo outside. she said, "WOW! i think i might already have an interview?" and i said, "really? so you got the good twin? because my twin sucked ass and started asking me about motherhood." and she said, "let's get lunch." i learned that Doo has a very fancy resume filled with fancy, high-paying marketing jobs and such, while my resume has: receptionist, nanny, public relations intern, daycare worker, abercrombie & fitch, and coca-cola. it's quite the line-up. so we went back to take the tests. and i found out that i type 78 words per minute and i felt very surprised and proud with this result and puffed my chest out a bit.

after the tests, they told us that they would contact us if anything arose. and that they prayed God would lead us to our job.

well, basically, the bottom line is that it's 5:11 p.m. the day after my temp agency excursion and i'm still jobless. mother. fudger.


  1. Sorry. I voted no you fail for a giggle before I read this. What I reallllyyy meant is... OF COURSE YOU WILL GET A JOB :)


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