Wednesday, January 5, 2011

thoughts and things

i woke up this morning and thought:

1. i need to go to the dentist. i just want my teeth to sparkle.

2. i am going to make my husband dinner tonight like a good little housewife.

3. i need to go to the post office.

4. pay rent.

5. i need to clean the leaves off the deck.

6. Christmas thank-you notes.

7. bye-bye Christmas decorations :'-(


9. laundry

10. i'm craving a kiwi.

and guess what!?!? ALL OF THOSE THINGS HAPPENED!!! well, except i'm not cooking dinner tonight. i just went to safeway--oh, excuse me, "von's" (i hatttttttttteeee that safeway is called von's in california) and bought soup and jalepeno bagels. i'll wear an apron and warm up the soup and put the bagels in the toaster. it COUNTS.

tmrw i have a girl date with my new friend Doo. she suggested a little winter clearance shopping and a MARTHA STEWART craft day! waaaa! i just want to roll around in Martha Stewart glitter and drink wine. i hope she's OK with that.

don't you just want to touch all of the glitters?!?!?!?!? AHHHH!!!


  1. the ones in northern california are called safeway! head north, it's better up there!

  2. Let me know when you plan to roll in glitter for a Martha day- I'll book a ticket and bring the ladies+vino. ;)


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