Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vegas or Bust: Bust.


ok vegas is just not my scene. i'm an old lady. i like to go to bed at a reasonable hour and i don't like "clubbing." but i thought since it was NYE and our pals wanted to go to vegas, then...well, why not?

so we drove to vegas. which is only about 3 hours away. and we stayed in a hotel.

and Cleo came with us because we had no where else to leave her. yes, Cleo came to vegas. and pooped in the hotel room. hoorah.

Rah and i went to Margaritaville where we got margaritas and literally the biggest nachos of our entire lives. it was like a whole bag of chips. and we didn't even get close to finishing. when the waiter was about to take the nachos away, the two guys sitting next to us at the bar said, "WE'LL TAKE YOUR LEFTOVER NACHOS!" and they did. what?? so weirdddd. last time i was at Margaritaville, a drunk homeless person sat down at the bar and started talking to me.

after margaritas we did a teensy bit of shopping, then headed back to the hotel.

Nebular's brother DJ and his gf A had arrived by the time we got back. while the girls gussied up in their sequins, the boys watched basketball. i wore: an adorable velour and sequins romper with polka-dot tights and my ruffle high heels and a holiday bun. complete with black sparkle nails.

then we had a little vodka and a little juice. then we went to Cesar's to watch the GU basketball game. then we walked around to try and find a restaurant to eat at for dinner. but obviously since it was NYE the wait was about 46 hours at each place. so then i got real grumpy because i was hungry. and so did Rah. and then my feet started to hurt. and so did Rah's. and then i just got tired and wanted to go to bed. and so did Rah.

so back to the hotel we went. heels off, flats on, tired, grumpy, and TOTALLY OVER VEGAS at 10:30 p.m.

and Cleo was in the hotel room waiting for us. 4 humans and a dog PTFO by 10:45 in a Vegas hotel room. party. animals.

we slept through the fireworks.

DJ and A were 160% cooler than us and decided to stay out.


the next morning we went to continental breakfast where i ate a pear. then i had to use the potty. and so did JJ. but the men's restroom in the lobby had one occupied toilet. so JJ and i shat right next to each other in the girl's bathroom. how lovely.

then JJ and i met up with Moon, who was home in Vegas for Christmas, at Blueberry Hill for grilled cheese! it was wonderful to see her. and i also met her new friend Vintage Chanel Chainlink Bag that she bought all by herself. (!!!)

the funny thing is, we will all be back in Vegas for WCC in March. maybe we will be able to stay up until 11 p.m. this time. maybe.


  1. You'll also be back in October/November for my WEDDING! EEEEE!

  2. i didn't put your wedding because I DON'T KNOW THE FINAL DATE OMG I'M SITTING ON PINS AND NEEEEEDLES!!!

    LJ- got em at urbs.


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