Wednesday, February 2, 2011

5 years

today i bought this:

it's a five-year diary. and i felt good about it. because i like to document my life. and even though i have a blog and i document my life on here, it would be nice to put a little blurb on each little day space for 5 years.

then i got to thinking: OMFG 5 YEARS IS A LONG ASS FUDGING TIME. like, seriously. so long. and i got scared for a second. like wow, five years. FIVE YEARS. WHAT WILL MY HAIR LOOK LIKE IN FIVE YEARS!?!? WILL I BE FAT IN FIVE YEARS?!?! WILL CLEO STILL BE ALIVE IN FIVE YEARS?!?! will we have a house? will i have a job? babies? WILL I BE THE PROUD OWNER OF A CHANEL BAG? will JJ have the same career? will Chanel live with us again? WHERE WILL WE LIVE!??!?! OMFG THIS IS CRAZY SHIT.

then i just became intrigued by the mystery of it all. i mean, that diary will see a lot of things. it will hold a lot of memories. like 5 years worth. so it is serious business. and it's good that i don't know what will be on that last page. i like that i don't know. i will start this diary in the Cucamongross, jobless and i also have bangs. what will i be like in 5 years? what is to come?

i am just sitting and pondering this. because it's crazy.

NOW YOU GUYS all need to go out and buy a 5-year diary too.

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