Monday, February 21, 2011

arm up

dress: $3 clearance rack at TJ Maxx, tights: stolen from my mother-in-law, socks: TJ Maxx, boots: BCBG, coat: Velvet Heart, sunglasses: Gucci

ARM UP! that's my signature "i've-had-a-coupla-drinks" move, did you know that about me?

today was my parents' last day in town :'-( and i still cry every time they leave. wahhhhh. i'm such a wittle baybee.

they came again and had lunch with me on my lunch break--and even JJ came too! because everyone else on the planet had the day off today except me. poor ol L. my dad loved the sandwich he had for lunch on friday so we went to the same place--hahaha!! and then i had to hug them goodbye and go back to work and i cried a little behind my sunglasses. it's so depressing when they leave.

BUT do you want to know something that isn't depressing?!?! i spent some money from my first paycheck to buy a light pink petticoat that i've been dying for. and it came in the mail on saturday and i'm obsessed. it's the cutest thing i think i have ever ever ever EVER owned. and i'm already thinking of a million ways to style it. can't wait to show you peeeepz.

OK and this is horrid: there is only one bathroom for an entire office of people to share. and there is a 12 o'clock pooper who really kills me. right after lunch when i have to pee, the 12 o'clock pooper has usually come and gone, and i have to endure the stink while i pee real quick before i can GTFOOT. but i can't get mad bc i poo at work too. i haven't figured out who the 12 o'clock pooper is yet, but i can tell you this: he/she likes meat. because the stench has a meaty flavor to it.


  1. Great maternity dress -- is there some news you have kept to yourselves?

  2. Hmmm "anonymous" you sound a lot like my mimi who just so happens to be craving great grand children. SHUT UP IT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A MATERNITY DRESS YOU MEAN OL POOBAG!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Actually Lace, Mimi doesn't hide behind "Anonymous". She would just say that flat out...

  5. Oh, but I did, but not on purpose. I pushed the wrong button to post. At any rate, you should save the dress for when you are preggers. AND I AM NOT A POOP-BAG!

  6. the arm up is a Rah signature too! I have a series of CB pics of her+her drunk arm. gotta love it. :)

  7. another pair of black opaque tights stolen from your mother in law !!!....?


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