Monday, February 14, 2011


bike:, jeans: Forevs, top: Macy's, sunglasses: Gucci, shoes: Sperry, dog: newspaper ad in Yakima

bike:, shorts: Dickies, tee: H&M, sunglasses: Electric

OMJIGGITY!!! we rode our bikes! the first time we rode them was home from the bike shop. Cleo didn't really like the basket. in fact, she jumped out while i was riding and i ran over her leg and she yelped. poor pup. this time she enjoyed it IMMENSELY. and i tied her leash to the basket so she wouldn't try to jump.

we had SO MUCH FUN! and how ADORABLEEEEE ARE OUR BIKES OMG! i bought a helmet but it hasn't come in the mail yet. and i also haven't attached my hello kitty bell or my bike flower yet...stay tuned.

we found a trail to ride our bikes on and it was lovely! we had to ride our bikes TO the trail though, and it was directly uphill. like, no. i was like OMG I NEED A BREAK and i made JJ stop at the gas station and get me a bottle of water in order to quench my death-like thirst. i was pitting out majah, too. totally gross. but once we got to the trail it was quite leisurely. the wind was blowing through our hair and it felt great. we stopped at a park and let Cleo run about off-leash. she found a little buddy...who turned out to be another Yorkie-Maltese mix--just like her! they were so adorbs. just romping around the park together. they were the perfect little Valentines. so cute.

i like bike riding on my cute little bike with Cle in my basket and JJ by my side. this is exercise that i'm totally OK with.


  1. love, love, LOVE the bikes. I'm SO JEALOUS- If only we could get some sun in Seattle I'd get a beach cruiser too!!! YAY FOR YOU GUYS and your fab cruisers :)

  2. I'm looking at getting some Sperrys and trying to decide between the leather and the canvas. Which do you have?

  3. leather! metallic leather. the best.


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