Friday, February 11, 2011

Cleo Sux

pants: Abercrombie, tee: Forevs, vest: Nordstrom, flower: Anthropologie, belt: Targs, heels: Steve Madden

those pants are literally from high school. they're the only pair of khakis i have. but i love them. they're so comfy and soft. when you unzip them, there's cursive writing that reads "prim & proper" and it makes me smile every time i take a dump.

Sam will be here today! yippeeee! can't wait to see her face and have 47 margaritas tonight with her.

work is great. finally finding my niche, ya know? and i think people like me for the most part.

yesterday i didn't do an outfit post because it was JJ's grandpa's funeral and i wore all black and didn't want to blog about a funeral outfit. RIP Papa Bob.

last night JJ's sister Sar and brother-in-law San got us tickets to the Zags game at LMU...they live practically next door to the school! we met at their house to have pizza and apples and wine with them and their boys and then we all headed to the game. we left Cleo at their house.

10 minutes after we got to the game, my youngest nephew got tired and wanted to go home. Sar took her son home and i got a text from her... "this is one upset pup."

oh. no.

"what happened?!" i asked.


Cleo shit. pissed. and. vommed. ALL. OVER. THEIR. HOUSE. in addition, she knocked over their fruit basket stand and there were oranges, bananas, mangoes and the like, all over the floor. she also pulled the table cloth off, tousled the rug and scratched paint off their front door. Sar said when she opened the front door, Cleo made a beeline for our car and curled up in a ball next to it shaking. SOMEONE GET THAT LITTLE SLUT SOME XANAX GHODDDDD

i was SO embarr. and Sar already isn't the hugest fan of dogs. just when i thought Cle was starting to warm Sar's heart----INSTEAD SHE LITERALLY SHIT PISSED AND VOMMED ON IT. Cleo loses.

i forgave her. until this morning when she jumped down and ran to the door right after i got out of the shower. meaning she had to go potty. so i jumped into some PJ pants, uggs and i grabbed a shawl (no shirt). and we walked to the mailbox. i also had a mug of coffee in my hand. as i was fumbling for the mailbox key, Cleo decided to lurch forward, causing my coffee to spill. also causing my hands to let go of my shawl. and a gust of wind came up and blew open my shawl so that my boobies were saying hello to the world. Cleo's fault.

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