Tuesday, February 22, 2011

crazy beeeetch

dress: American Eagle, tee: Target, tights: Kate Spade, t-strap heels: Italy

JJ laughed made fun of me when taking this pic. i was super duper hyper this morning because i found my favorite panda bear mini mug and JJ made me coffee to put in said mug and i sucked it down in like .3 seconds. coffee coffee coffeeeee i heart coffee. and i'm feeling tres 60s mod today. and i love being crazy.

the worst: living in a tiny one bedroom ONE BATHROOM apartment. this morning when i was taking a nice long desperately needed shower, JJ came in and took a dump at the same time. i screamed at him "YOU GIANT ASSHOLE! I AM SHOWERINGGGG EWWWW YOU STINKKK" and he said all patronizingly, "OH, I'M SOOOO SORRRRRY L, I SHOULD HAVE USED OUR OTHER BATHROOM" (which of course doesn't exist). it was the most disgusting brutal shower of my life. all the steam trapping the stench and making me gag. awful. and i'll tell you the truth: you aren't really honestly married until you are taking a shower while your husband is shitting in the same bathroom.

but other than that, today has been swell! just pumpin out graduation packets. i have about 96 paper cuts, but overall, it's a job well done.

my next endeavor after lunch will be to wrestle with the printer until it spits out what i want it to.

my dove heart chocolate said "hug someone today" so i think i'll go do that.

farts & kisses,

(Moon thinks i should sign off every blog with "farts & kisses")


  1. i like the mod. and dave gets SUPER irritated when i'm hyper and he's trying to go to sleep and i always whine "why won't you plaaaay with me?" and it really probably is the most obnoxious thing in the world, but how am i supposed to sleep when i'm hyper?


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