Friday, February 18, 2011

embarr outfit

leggings: Targs, top: embarr store, faux fur vest: embarr store, belt: forever21, socks: Targs, boots: BCBG, dog: newspaper ad

this outfit is embarr because i bought the shirt and'tsayit....OKFINE...RAVE. YES, i bought BOTH at Rave. just please. once in college i wore that vest and the girl sitting behind me in class was like "i'm obsessed with that vest, where did you get it!?" and i panicked, "oh, i. um....i can't remember, i think Nordstrom Rack..." and the bitch yanked me towards her and checked my tag. i thought i'd die of embarrassment. she like shouted to the whole class "NO! YOU GOT IT AT RAVE! OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU GOT SOMETHING CUTE AT RAVE!" and i was like SRSLY BITCH--YOU IS PISSIN ME OFF (LoLcat talk....get it?)

so that's the story. but the thing is: Rave has some good stuff. there, i said it. cheap as the dickens. i have jeans from there that i love too. and, (sorry Rah gotta throw you under the bus here) Rah shops there too sometimes. SO THERE. go there and check it out for yourself. LJ--do you rmbr going there during the 7th grade science fair (when my project was entitled "finding the dioptric power of convex lenses, determining their focal length using laser light" ?? who was i kidding by the way? uncle bud was SO thrilled to do the project for me...) and we bought matching jammies at rave? mine were pink and yours were blue--they had clouds on them LOLOLOLOL and were like 300% flammable. hahahah

tangent. sorry.

my mommy and daddy and CA are HEREEEEEEE i'm just so thrilled to bits. yes yes yesssss! they are coming at 1 with Cle to see my new office and meet my coworkers. yes! also, my mom told me last night that she's tired of the shitty quality of my outfit pics. SO FINE. i took the nice camera out this morning and it was a giant pain in my ass and JJ was tres annoyed. but she's right--they do look better. WAY better.

we went to dinner and barnes and noble last night. i got a book entitled "quarter-life crisis" because i feel like maybe i might be going to have one. i also purchased a day-to-day calendar themed 20th century fashion for $2. SALE CALENDARS PEOPLE, I'M TELLING YOU. and my Dad performed his 2 signature moves already: tripped me when when i least expected it and farted while i was standing downwind from him. classic.

a couple things happened to me this morning that i don't understand. first is a little TMI but i'm writing it anything: i spent 20 minutes on the toilet this morning and i was dying laughing at myself. because of the sounds. IT WAS LIKE A SYMPHONY!!! unreal.

second is that i clean my ears every time i get out of the shower. but for some reason, like once a year, i'll stick my finger in my ear to itch it and out comes the MOST GIANT WAD OF EARWAX you have ever seen in your life. the most memorable time this happened was when my sister M and i played soccer in like third grade. i hated every minute on that stupid field. the coach put me in as goalie (his mistake) and i got bored. so i was picking flowers and such. then i itched my ear and out popped the Mystery Wax Wad and i was so enthralled by it that i didn't see the ball coming and the other team scored. while i was staring at my own earwax. could i be any more unlucky?


  1. i've never even heard of this rave place you speak of...what is it?? 'cause your stuff from there is cute. and just cut the tag out of your vest and say it's vintage! haha

  2. This "quarter-life crisis" book sounds perfect for me. All the oldies at work keep telling me I'm being dramatic - but it is really a crisis!

  3. how cute are you! love this look xx

  4. OMG rave. Pretty sure my white gangsta bride getup came from the rave.

  5. The ear wax and the soccer ball! I just died. DIED!
    I was just talking to my mom about how I use to play basketball, I was clearly the worst on the team! Once, when I was finally off the bench and not being glared out with distain by the coach (he literally hated me), I got passed the ball and was staring at the ground dribbling. I looked up for one second and stepped outta bounds. Everyone was so mad at me. TOTAL LOSER. I HATE SPORTS. The coach just screamed at me for weeks on end and would never put me in, unless we were up by 1,000 points.

  6. Ahem, I have no idea what you're talking about with this "rave" you speak of! I have only been to "rah-vay" onceortwice. ;)


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