Wednesday, February 2, 2011

groundhog's day

HAPPY GROUNDHOG'S DAY ALL! he didn't see his shadow so i hope it stops snowing in the east. and obvs we are going to watch groundhog's day the movie tonight.

alright, all you toilet paper folders: YOU NERDZ! and your probs good at math or science or something. i feel like us scrunchers are artistically-minded--like "ohmahghoddd we don't have time to fold our TP, we gotta wipe and go CREATE SOMETHIN'!" am i right?

it's so windy. LIKE SOOOO WINDY. the wind woke all three of us up at midnight last night and Cleo got scared. and thirsty apparently because she jumped down from the bed and lapped up like a gallon of water before going back to sleep. i couldn't sleep after i woke up because every time i shut my eyes i kept seeing all the scary parts of "pretty little liars" (i'm ADDICTED by the way. you should watch the show--deliciously entertaining and fun fashion. but a tad bit frightening) so i kept seeing scary things in my head so i turned on the TV and WHATTAYANKOW?! an episode of "phineas and ferb." perfect. so i watched it then got tired again. anyway, this morning like 5 semis were overturned on the freeway so JJ said, "DON'T LEAVE THE HOUSE TODAY L, IT'S DANGEROUS OUTSIDE" and i said very sarcastic-like from my behind my laptop (in bed in pajamas) "really? don't leave the house? but i have to go to WORK DUHHHH!" c'mon. like i have anywhere to go.

also, i thought you guys should know that i switched Cle to organic dog food:


apparently it's just better. no fillers and such. and they come in hilar flavors like "grammy's pot pie" and such. i got Cleo "campfire trout feast" to start, which actually reminds me of the worst. camping. trip. ever. where i was on my period and it rained so hard we had to dig a trench around the tent and had to eat the fish we caught for breakfast. it was so awful. i hate camping. anyway...the guy at the pet store was like "slowly switch her from iams to merrick. and if she has diarrhea, just give her a little canned pumpkin." WHAT? CANNED PUMPKIN?!?!?! srsly. that's what he said. not the spiced kind. but you're welcome for the tip. next time your dog has the Big D, shove some pumpkin in its mouth.

in other news, i finished my Valentines. and i deep-cleaned. and for some reason my bag and leg muscles are sore. at first i thought they were bed sores. (SRSLY YOU GUYS IT'S NOT FUNNY). then i thought that maybe it was my period. then i realized that it was probably from vacuuming and lifting boxes. i gotta start exercising myself.

have a wonderful day!

ps how HOT is don draper on madmen? SRSLY OMG. but he's such an ass. SIGH.


  1. Shut the fart up! I AM SCARED OF PRETTY LIL LIARS TOO! We watch it in our room and last time I fell asleep and my husb left to watch sports in the living room and I woke up to a scary scene with the lesb and the long haired creeper so i screamed and told him if he ever leaves me in a room alone with that show again I will kick him in the chimichangas.

  2. hahhahaahahahhah!!!!!!!! totally know that scene!! ahahahah


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