Wednesday, February 9, 2011

it's just a rat race

skirt: Forev21, turtleneck sweater: IsaacMizrahi for Targs, black tee: Targs, belt: Targs, t-strap heels: Italy

MONTAGE WITH CLE! it srsly hurts my heart to leave her. and when i walk out the door i can hear her crying from the balcony while she watches me go. wahhhhhh. so i let her be in the pics this morning. doesn't she photograph nicely??

those shoes. OH THOSE SHOES. i love those shoes. they are so comfy and so adorbs. but let me tell you a story about those shoes. i got them at a shoe shop in Venice. and apparently you aren't allowed to touch shoes in a shoe shop in Venice. because i reached for one of these shoes and the little old Italian lady who presumably owned the store appeared at my side and screamed at me and slapped my hand until i dropped the shoe. it startled me and JJ and Moon. i said "I WANT TO BUY THESE SHOES" all slow and touristy-like, and she just frowned at me and muttered under her breath and overcharged me. BUT i didn't care because i truly love these shoes.

i worked again today. and they didn't have anything for me to do. they also didn't give me internet usage guidelines so i read my book for two hours, picked my nose, ate a box of sweetheart candy, played wwf discreetly, sent an e-mail to my dad on my phone, looked at the website of my new work, practiced my signature, doodled on the dry erase calendar, stamped the "AIR MAIL" stamp like 50 times and outlined the all the AIR MAILs with my pen, picked my cuticles...and FINALLY at 4:00 they gave me some envelopes to stuff. and i was done at 4:30. then i just sat staring out the window until 5. i mean i was less bored being unemployed because at least i was comfortable at home in my sweatpants watching the Today show and shopping online. i just don't think i'm cut out for the 40-hours-a-week desk job. i told that to JJ and he was like "it's been 1 day, L." and i got all philosophical and was like I KNOW BUT OMG THIS CANNOT BE THE HUMAN PURPOSE. THIS CANNOT BE ALL THERE IS. DAY AFTER DAY IN AN OFFICE PUSHING PAPERS. THERE'S NO TIME FOR FUN. WE ARE ALL IN A RAT RACE AND WE LIVE FOR THE WEEKENDS. IS THIS WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT?! and i know i really shouldn't complain but this is my blog and i'll cry if i want to.

in other news, i got 5 packages today:

1. my 5-year diary
2. Rah's bday present
3. sister CA's bday present
4. new underwear from the Gap
5. a calendar and paper from Paper Source. did you know that i refuse to buy calendars at regular price? i know they are going to go on sale in january, and it's worth it to me to sacrifice the month of january. nobody likes january anyway.

and also Sam is coming to visit on friday and i'm THRILLED to bits.


  1. YAY! i can't wait to see you!!! Mickey and margs. perf weekend!

  2. Your rant pretty much sums up what the rest of us,9-5-rat-racing folks feel. Kinda hit it on the head...LIVE FOR THE WEEKENDS (and Fridays are usually pretty good!) - this most likely explains my current exile into photography and the land of the creative. I'll come take some pro morning power suit shots for you :)

  3. I was also waiting for the calendars at papersource to go on sale!! Just have to get that butterfuly one!


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