Wednesday, February 23, 2011

JJ in his bathrobe

skinny cords: Gap, top: Michael Kors, cardigan: Frenchi, belt: forever21, grey booties: some clearance rack at a store in Arizona. can't rmbr.

rmbr what i wore yesterday? those polka-dotted tights? OK well when i got home that night and took off my clothes to put sweats on...i realized that i was wearing a polka-dotted bra and polka-dotted undies too. hahahahhaa isn't that HILAR?! i guess i was feeling polka-dotty yesterday!!

this morning JJ got realllllly extra mad at me when taking outfit pics because he was in his bathrobe (that's giant and blue and fluffy and hilarious) and i made him walk all the way downstairs. a maintenance man caught us in the middle of our little photoshoot and JJ acted like we were shooting a porno and got all fudging embarrassed and got all dad-scold-y and said, "that's it--NO MORE PICS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE APARTMENT COMPLEX, L! I AM IN MY BATHROBE!" and i laughed at him and said "you're just embarrassed because the maintenance man caught you in your bathrobe. DON'T BE AN ASSHOLIO!!! " and JJ was like "L, THIS IS NUTS! I HAVE TO WALK OUTSIDE BAREFOOT EVERY SINGLE DAY TO TAKE THESE DAMN PICTURES" and i was like "IT'S YOUR OWN FAULT THAT YOU DON'T WEAR SHOES. YOU ARE GOING TO TAKE MY PICTURES AND THAT'S THAT." and you know what's funny? Cleo always takes my side. whenever JJ and i are angry with each other Cleo runs by me and under the bed. which always makes JJ feel really bad and he goes under there and apologizes to her until she comes back out. which in the end, diffuses the angry situation altogether. hah.

last night after work we had chronic tacos with Doo and her bf (who is JJ's coworker) Milly. let me clarify: no, we did not have tacos filled with marijuana. there's a real place here called chronic tacos that is very q'doba-esque. and we love it. burritos the size of Cleo and DELISH SAUCE OMG. JJ bought us some beer and we ate our food on the white couches and chatted about life. Doo and i drank 3 bud light limes (don't judge. they're good) each and i literally passed out at 8:15 p.m. right after they left. i woke up wearing nothing but the shirt JJ wore on monday (???) ghodddd, you'd think i had consumed an entire half gallon of captain mo, but NO, just three bud light limes. whaddaloser.

tonight JJ is going to the kings and i'm going to spend my evening watching TV. JJ said he was going to come home before the game to bring me a surprise dinner and i'm crossing my fingers and hoping that it's Taco Bell. please oh please oh please.

going to TJ Maxx on my lunch break. wish me some happy shopping dealz.

stay fresh peeps.

ps i'm ashamed that most of my readers are Bieber-haters. ASHAMED.


  1. I was SHOCKED that most of your readers are bieber haters. Who are these people?!

  2. Why would anyone hate Justin Bieber? He's just a kid! A very talented kid. I just don't get the haters...

  3. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love the booties!!!!!


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