Friday, February 4, 2011


guys guys guys!

got a JOB!

a temp job. BUT STILL A JOBBBBBB with potential to be hired later on (if they like me. which of course they will because i'm quite likable, don't you think?)

i spent all day yesterday dusting off my "work clothes" and i ironed my pants and skirts while i watched the E! true hollywood story on kate gosselin.

anyway, OMG I'M SO EXCITEDDDDDD i'm going to be a secretary at one of the claremont colleges! SO COOL! yayyyy

but in the job description, i spotted "experience with accounting" MOTHER F. omg. so i googled basic accounting and did some reading. i figured out what credits and debits are. my dad said i should just go to work in sandals so i can count on my toes without anyone seeing. SHUT UP DADDDDD

but so thrillllled! and nerval. I MEAN SO NERVAL. i haven't ever had a 40 hours-a-week desk job. i've always split my time BETWEEN the desk and the children. WOAH! so wish my good luck and send me good vibes on tuesday. BECAUSE THAT'S MY FIRST DAY! k thnx.


  1. You'll do GREAT lady- the only diff between a 20 and 40 hour desk job is that you have to "appear" busy for the extra 20 hours. HA!! Congrats! Have a glass of bubbly on me!! :)


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