Wednesday, February 16, 2011

L is just very sorry for these poor quality chump pictures

skirt: Targs, shirt: H&M, belt: Express, tights: DKNY, mary janes: Targs, my fave fave fave thing ever: my raincoat: Betsey Johnson

1. i apologize for being so awkward in shot #2. like, i don't even know what i'm doing. just being an ass.
2. just, please. i'm sorry for the amateur photo taking. i don't have time to get the nice camera out with the cord that connects to the computer and shit. JJ just (sloppily) takes these on my iphone right before i leave for work and i e-mail them to myself and try to edit them the best i can. and it was raining today so JJ refused to go outside to take the picture, even though outside pics are better than inside pics. and half of the pics he takes are blurry or are of me yelling at him to please make sure the dirty underwear lying on the ground are out of the shot. he just really does not care. he snaps away without a care in the world. so now you know what i'm dealing with.
2. i said "sexy" to my boss today. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? gotta calm the crazy down.
3. srsly. that emo LOLcat was so hilar i thought i might die.
4. my coworker gave me a burned copy of the Lady Antebellum CD today. i mean HOW NICE?!
5. my secret trick: that skirt is 2 sizes too big. but it was $3.24 on final clearance at Targs like 2 years ago so obvs i had to buy it...SO i put this nice wide belt over it to make it look like a paperbag waisted skirt. TAH-DAH!
6. that thing hanging on the door behind me in the pics is a giant knitted "h" Christmas ornament. except i like it for all year round. but now i'm getting quite frustrated with it because it's ALWAYS. IN. MY. PICTURES. just hanging there and being annoying.
7. JJ farted in Target last night so loud and long and ridiculously. like seriously it was 28 seconds long and sounded as if there was a foghorn being blown right into my brain. i stopped and stared at him. when he was finished with his musical number he said, "wow, i didn't even feel like coming." REALLY? YOU DIDN'T? YOU HONESTLY DID NOT FEEL THAT SONIC BOOM COMING? LIKE, THE EARTH'S CORE FELT THAT COMING, DON'T LIE TO ME.
8. did you know: that Target gives you 5 cents for each reusable grocery bag you bring?
9. started a new book. the best book. Little Bee by Chris Cleave. oh. em. gee. READ IT NOW I'M NOT KIDDING YOU.
10. i literally cannot wait until 5:00 strikes on the clock so i can go home and watch the Bieber episode of Glee on CANNOT WAIT.

also, if it rains tomorrow, i'm going to wear my elephant rainboots to work. because that's the beauty of being a temp. you can just wear elephant rainboots because you feel like it. and everyone smiles at the sheer cuteness of them.

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  1. That raincoat is adorbs!! I almost bought it...but no hood! Come on.


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