Tuesday, February 15, 2011

mountain woman

brown cords: Hollister, button down: William Rast for Targs, shoes: Vera Wang for Kohl's

i feel like a mountain woman today in this outfit. very outdoorsy and shit. don't you think? like i might be going for a chic little hike.

i also feel like i'm so busy that i have no time for anything. funny how that goes. from having absolutely NOTHING to do...to being so full of things that i'm bursting at the seams! like, no time to even buy toilet paper GARWSH! (in Goofy's accent)

but my MOM DAD AND CA are coming THURSDAY! so i have to prepare the home for them i.e. clean and make cookies and wrap presents and the like. i guess normal people just do all that AFTER work...??? time to buck up and be a normal person. >sigh< life is rough.

did i tell you my first order of business with this new job? save up to buy a Chanel bag. i was inspired by Moon, who called me at 6 a.m. during Christmas break, saying that there was a vintage Chanel on sale online and should she do it? should she just buy it?? and if course i said HELL TO THE YES MOON!!! and she did! and she paid it off her credit card in a mere two months. so now i need one. i figure this is the time in my life to be selfish and buy a classic black chainlink Chanel bag. because when we have kids i can't just spend their college fund money on bags...right? so, i'm going to set aside a little money from each paycheck until i have enough to buy one for myself. i'm going to walk into Chanel like i belong there, and i'm going to frivolously flip my hair about and say "i'll take this one," and not even flinch when Hello Kitty is slid through the machine because i will be confident in knowing that i have the money to pay it off. and they will also give me a glass of champagne while i'm waiting because i'm a loyal customer. i literally CANNOT wait until that day arrives.

OK gotta go. back to work chickadees.

1 comment:

  1. BAHAHA! Sweet Captain Morgan stance ya yellow belly dingle bird. I dunno, the inner hill billy came out.


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