Monday, February 21, 2011

my mom & dad are better than yours

jeans: J Brand, top: H&M, belt: TJ Maxx, wedges: Cynthia Vincent for Target, bag: Badgley Mischka, sunglasses: Gucci

my mom and dad are better than yours. wanna know why?


we went on saturday to the Land of Disney, California Adventure. it was so much fun (as usual) and guess what? i wore rainboots because it rained soooo I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO BUY NEW SOCKS! pat on back, self. (*note: this pride was short lived...)

not posting an outfit pic of disney--it's pretty predictable though, you know, nerdy and conventional with my fave j.crew elephant rain boots. the outfit i posted is what i wore on sunday.

sunday we went to pasadena to bum around and shop and GO TO THE BEST PLACE EVER IN LIFE. Rah and Nebular recommended it to us. it's a movie theater. that serves food and drinks. THAT HAS GIANT FLUFFY RECLINER CHAIRS. i mean, i have never been more perfect. (actually....i could have been happier if i had been wearing sweats) it was soooo wonderful. a real life experience that every person needs to try before death. honestly, it's amazing.

*after the movie my mom wanted to go see this old house that's famous and take a tour. well it was a mile walk and i was wearing tall ass wedges. so before i even had a change to complain, JJ and my parents shoved me into the nearest store to buy me sandals. so JJ bought me some sandals. and when i put them on i practically puked. they were just hideous. and uncomfortable. so i had JJ return them and the girl behind the counter was REAL annoyed because she cut the tags off for me. whoopsie. JJ called me high maintenance and i stuck it out and wore my wedges. i rolled my ankle 3 times and have the most enormous blister. when i got home i shoved my feet into my uggs and felt instant relief. when will i learn to just keep a pair of comfortable shoes in my purse??

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