Monday, February 7, 2011

new twist

tomorrow really is the start of something new my friends. the start of ol L working a 40-hours-a-week desk job.

this requires me to arise at 7 and get out the door by 7:45. that is the perfect time if you ask me. REALLY TRULY PERFECT! and, well, since i will have to get dressed every morning, i thought that perhaps i would give my bloggie blog a new twist. i thought that MAYBE i MIGHT start posting outfit pictures. now don't get your panties all up in your asscrack about it, i will still be posting my typical blogs, i just thought that if i photographed and documented my outfits, it might challenge me to actually wear all of the clothes i have in my closet.

SO, I WILL ACCEPT THIS CHALLENGE. and i'm also accepting this challenge on JJ's behalf because he's going to have to get reallll used to taking these pics. but i'll pay him in nickels so that he doesn't feel used.

however, it won't start until tmrw. because today i am wearing a pirate t-shirt from St. Thomas that i bought on our honeymoon (that i also bought for Rah for watering our flowers while we were gone) that says "time flies when you're having rum" AIN'T THAT THE TRUTH???!!!! i'm also wearing white cotton undies from Abercrombie and ugg boots. not that i don't look SMOKIN' HOTTT or anything, but it's just not really the sort of thing i want to be photographed in.

SO, you may tune in tomorrow and we shall give this outfit thing a whirl for the next week or so to see if i actually fudging like it. knowing my own conceited self though, i probs will. so, as Brandilyn suggested, i shall be a Narcissitic Humor Fashion Blogger. ALRIGHT, LET'S DO THIS MOTHER!

see you tmrw bitches.

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