Tuesday, February 8, 2011

pardon my nipples

slacks: Theory, pink silk shirt: William Rast for Targs, sweater&pearls: Nord Rack, patent mary-janes: Targs hard nips: Chilly Air

i mean really? i didn't notice that i was slightly nipping when this picture was tiny, but when blown up: HOLY NIPPLES! GHODDDD you think JJ could have at least told me!!! besides those m&ms in my bra, there are a coupla other notable things about this pic of my very first day at my new job:

1. you can't see my watch. and it's really too bad. because Rah gave it to me for being in her wedding and i love it. she told me that it's a "writer's watch" which is really true. it has a simple black leather band and the face is smart and journalistic looking. it has really clear black numbers and a big face and it ticks loudly. i'm obsessed. and it felt like Rah was with me on my first day. how nice.

2. HOLY SHIT IS THAT A PARROT IN THE TREE BEHIND ME?! jk jk jk. i am a little bit late on the blogger wagon. you see, i googled: photo editing for blogs and found a wonderful website where i can make my pics cool. and you can choose stickers. so obviously i chose to put a parrot in my tree.

3. the backdrop is SO bad. like, the directv dish and directv cords are in the fudging pic, C'MON JJ. i was like "HEY! LET'S GO OUTSIDE AND TAKE THE PIC!" and JJ said, "OK out to the balcony" and i was like "NOOOO outside, like really outside. downstairs and outside." and he was like "i don't want to, i'm not wearing shoes." so i said FINEEEE and we went out to the balcony. you'll see to my right that there is a flourishing plant. i got it at costco in may and it used to have gorgeous yellow flowers growing from it. but now it's just cool green leaves. and i literally just threw it in the back of the truck when we moved. and i have literally not watered it once. LOL it's the best plant ever. also, those little brown balls on the ground: they are weird things that fall from the trees here. they have little spikes growing out of them and hurt when you step on them in the dark with bare feet.

4. my pearls. i love these pearls. they are just one long strand. but i wound them around all tight and Bunny MacDougal style. you know Bunny, yes? Charlotte from SITC's first mother-in-law. here's a pic to trigger your memory:

so there ya go, day 1 of fashion blogging. i have to say--it was fun! and i especially loved putting that parrot in the tree.

my first day was great! i was SO NERVAL before i went, though. i took 3 poos before i even left the apartment OMG. but i love it. i have my very own desk! it truly feels like a nice fit. i hope they end up hiring me long-term. i have a lot to learn, but at the end of the day, the girl training me said, "you're really smart! you're doing a great job!" and that made me feel nice. and she gave me the OFFICE depot catalog and said to order anything i want. OMEFFINGPENS. any pens i wanted. highlight of my life. i also wanted to order a red stapler but they didn't have one. hey, you win some, you lose some.


  1. ooh la la! did you use picnik? because i LOVE picnik.com. i like your fashion-ness!!

  2. you are your fake parrot...ahahahah! I didn't even notice the nips but opened the pic to take a look- nice touch Jer. ;) good job today lady- love the Lacie power suit :) fab!

  3. Home depot? I thought you hated that store. Or was it office depot?

  4. "hard nips: chilly air."

    hahahahahaha i'm dying!!!! you look cute!


    you're right "anonymous" i effing hate the depot of homes. thnx for catching the error.


  6. LOVE THAT YOU LOVE THE WATCH!!!!! So sad about the absence of a red stapler--how GREAT!?!?


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