Monday, February 14, 2011

Sam in Cucamongross

shorts: Hollister, minnie tee: Disney employee's only store, sweatshirtL Juicy Couture, shoes: Vans, socks: Roxy, sunglasses: Gucci, sucker: Disney

what? you don't go for the "12-year-old boy tourist" look when you go to Disneyland? hahahahahhahaa i look like SUCH a nerd, i love it. Sam and i had a BLAST in DLand (of course), and we especially loved sharing a seat on the Matterhorn. we ate lots of delicious things...and we realized at the end of the day that Sam ate: a corndog, a frozen chocolate banana and a pickle...all wiener-shaped hahahahha LOLOLOL

my t-shirt was purchased last time we went to disney with Rah and Nebular and his dad let us shop in the discounted employee store! that shirt is $45 but in the special store i got it for $12. yayyyyy.

i have a problem. whenever there is going to be a long day in which i am expected to walk around a lot, i tend to get a little fussy about my footwear. i hate socks. so obviously i wear my shoes without them. so at Disneyland my feet started to get a little sweaty and started to rub, and i could feel the beginnings of a blister forming. so i whined to Sam that i needed socks. so we went to a store to get some. a pack of 3 for $17. i mean really, that is ASININE. but once on my foot--although EXTREMELY dorky looking--i loved them. they were worth every penny to make my feet feel so great. i literally have about 8 pairs of socks that i have purchased in emergency situations like this. i also have a pair of high school musical flip flips and brown hawaiian sandals that have saved my life when socks weren't available. i guess the lesson that i need to learn is either a. wear socks or b. wear sandals. but now i don't want to because it feels like sort of a tradition to collect socks and sandals from all of my vacations.

anyway, i had so much fun with Sam this weekend! we met JJ and all of his coworkers and their spouses and went to the GU game at pepperdine after Disney and it was great but Sam and i were exhausted by that point. when we got home we fell right to sleep, until Cleo woke up and started pacing because she swallowed a bone. i got frustrated and accidentally threw her out of the room and she hit her head on the closet door. Bad Dog Mom. i ended up being up half the night dealing with that. JJ and Sam told me that i can't throw my babies when they cry in the night someday. COME ONNNN I KNOWWWWWWWW


  1. leave it to me to eat all wiener shaped food at the happiest place on earth. perv.


  2. PS tell JJ he can have my taco hut leftovers in the fridge, i know how much he loved that place!


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