Monday, February 14, 2011


dress: Converse for Targs, tights: TJ Maxx, boots: MIA, heart bracelet: Betsey Johnson, gold bangels: Wet Seal

Happy Valentine's Day my Loves! i like Valentine's Day OK because i have a great husband. also because i love hearts. and pink and red. and pink and red together.

when i got to work i saw this on my desk:my coworker got them for me! isn't that sweet? i guess she likes me :) it's so lovely, and it's the first personal thing that i have at my desk. everyone keeps telling me that i'll probably get hired permanently...crossing my fingers! another coworker also gave me the number to a hairdresser that is good and cheap. yes! i'm really feeling like i fit in here! hoorah

i like waking up early with JJ now. we sit in bed and drink coffee and watch the Today Show, isn't that cute?

i can't wait to get home from work tonight! i have the best present ever for JJ and myself and i can't wait to unveil the goodness!!! it's absolutely hilarrr and you'll all die. i post pics don't worry. also we are going out to dinner at Antonino's the only local Italian restaurant in town, and i just can't wait because i got an adorable ruffly top from H&M that i'm going to wear. today is also my sister CA's bday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CA! thanks for being born so that i didn't have to spend my whole life with just sister M! (jk M, calm down) CA and my parents are coming to visit us on thursday and i just can't wait. eeeeeeee!

happy hearts day. tell someone you love them today.

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  1. EEE! The red tights and black dress. OBSESSED!
    p.s. my sister love the nickname moon, and I think dangnabbit Labs gave it to me.


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